Saturday, 5 October 2013

Easy Eggless Ice cream/ Rooh Afza Ice Cream/ Rose Ice cream

Easy Eggless Ice cream/
Rooh Afza Ice Cream/
Rose Ice cream
Hi Friends,
I know i know its not summers season to enjoy ice creams but tell me frankly don't you enjoy all these creamy chilled dessert in bone chilling winters. I know most of the people will say yes if kids are not around. In front of kids we play parents role but when we are alone a kid inside us overpower and we crave to relish stuff which our parents don't allow us to enjoy as we do to our kids. 
I made this ice cream long ago on Independence day with Tricolor Cake. Combo was just wow. Its a very simple and easy recipe. You can make it within minutes. Only time consuming part is freezing it. 
Once you are done with whole process a very delicious dessert is there for you to indulge. You can make this for kids parties as well as get to-gathers. Enjoy it any way it will leave you craving for more. More delightful reason is that you can enjoy it in Vrat/fast also :).


Rose Syrup - 2 tbsp (i used Rooh Afza)
Fresh Cream- 2 cups
Rose Essence- few drops


Take fresh cream

start whipping


and whip

add Rose essence

add rose syrup/rooh afza

whip it more till creamy light and fluffy

Now its done

Ready to go in container to freeze

 Pour it in some air tight container 
and freeze for 5-6 hours

Ready to Serve

I served it with Tricolor cake

 Combo was so yummmm


  1. You can add any rose syrup you have in hand. I used Roohafza.
  2. Chill cream, whipping bowl and beater for 15 minute in fridge before starting whipping the cream.
  3. You can add dry fruits/nuts etc in the ice cream as per your choice.
  4. Garnish it with any fruit/dryfruit/honey/melted jam and enjoy.
  5. You can freeze this ice cream in ice cream mold also.





  1. I totally agree with u..icecream anytime is jst fun :D ...Looks Yummm!! :)

  2. wow super creamy and yummy ice cream :) looks so yummm !!

  3. I add nuts and dry fruits its awsm ......