Monday, 28 October 2013

Bread Gulab Jamun/ Bread Sweet/ Bread Jamun/ Quick Gulab Jamun

Bread Gulab Jamun/
Bread Sweet/
Bread Jamun/
Quick Gulab Jamun
Hi Friends,
One more sweet dish. Since i have seen Bread jamuns at so many blogs and mentioning that these are so easy to make and taste awesome. I kept on thinking about this recipe as i have seen people trying gulab jamun authentic way with paneer and khoya and it was quite laborious to make it this way. So i was eager to try this version of jamuns. 
Finally on Saturday night i saw few bread pieces of brown bread left on the pantry shelf and i immediately decided to try my hands on it. Its a such a easy peasy recipe. It took me hardly 20-25 minutes to make these jamuns, only time consuming part was soaking them in sugar syrup which was almost 2 hours. But the result was so amazing. You can't tell the difference in normal khoya gulab jamuns and these bread jamuns. Make it for parties or on festivals as per your wish. One thing i bet is everybody will like it and nobody will recognize that these are bread jamuns.


Bread - 5 pieces (any brown/milk/white)
Milk- 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water-1 cup
Cardamom- 3-4

Ingredients for the scrumptious jamuns

Cut edges of bread

Dip bread in milk for 2 seconds

take it out

squeeze all milk 

do it with all breads and keep it aside

tip them in a grinder

Grind for few seconds

 add a portion of it

roll it in round shape


Heat oil in a oil

try one by dropping one jamun in it

Beautifully fried jamun


All Done

Heat sugar+water+cardamom

Boil it for 5 minutes on high flame

Then add fried jamuns and boil for one minute

Now leave them like this



  1. It is necessary to run squeezed bread pieces in a mixer.
  2. Make firm balls out of the squeezed and grinded bread.
  3. While frying gulab jamuns, don't touch with any ladle, rotate the kadai/pan.
  4. Don't boil gulab jamuns in sugar syrup too much 1-2 minutes are enough.





  1. WOW..that's awesome dear :))...I'll try this :)...

  2. mam my bread gulab jamuns are hard inside....... why???????????please reply..............

    1. Dear Savi, the bread dough we make to roll jamuns must be soft not hard and tight, you should knead it with light hands and shape in jamuns, secondly fry on low flame, third is keep them in hot sugar syrup for at least 2-3 hours so that they absorb sugar syrup fully. hope it will help.
      but i think Main problem would be kneading the soaked and squeezed bread. do it carefully, it should not be hard nor too soft.