Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Namkeen/Mixture/ Tea Time snack/ Kids special

Diwali Savory Recipes/
Tea Time snack/
Kids special
Hi Friends,
Now my blog is flooded with sweet and savory snacks recipes. One more snacks recipe. This is for kids or for all who don't like spicy snacks. Its very simple and scrumptious snack, You can add any spice or any nuts, dry fruits as per your liking. This is so flexible, easy and quick recipe. I made this for small get together of my family. I made this poha snack for elders and this murmura namkeen for kids as its not spicy.Kids enjoyed it very much and so do i as i am not a spice lover. I hope you will also like it. 


Puffed Rice/Murmure- 2 cups
Poha/beaten rice - 1/2 cup
Gram Daal- half cup
Peanuts - 2 tbsp
Coconut-2 tbsp thinly sliced wedges
Turmeric- 1/2 tsp
Salt- as per your taste

Take all your ingredients

Dry roast puffed rice

remove and keep aside

Dry roast gram daal

keep aside while its roasted 

now roast peanuts

when they become crisp

take out and peel the skin

now add one tsp oil and fry coconut pieces

when roasted

keep them aside

add 2-3 tsp oil in a wide kadai or pan 
and spread salt and turmeric

throw in all fried stuff

Mix quickly and keep stirring

  1. You can add in this snack whatever floats on your boat like nuts, dry fruits, sev, boondi etc. 
  2. You can spice it up by adding red chilly powder but i kept it simple as kids were supposed to have it.
  3. Roast all ingredients on slow flame for crispness. 
  4. After adding everything cool it down completely and then store in a airtight container.




  1. hellooo...Hi...where r u Madhu?.??...Hope Pari ,Cash,U and ur wo had a dhamakedaar diwali :)....

    1. Hi Pra Manj going thru some rough phase of life. But don't worry will come back soon.
      Had Great Diwali.

  2. Hey Madhu...sorry saw your reply today..."Don't worry,be happy"..Hope God will give you enough strength to overcome the rough phase of life ..and if you wanna talk about it ,you know I am here if you think it's ok like a sister-sister talk ..mann halka hojayega .....nyways,u take care ,stay strong and will be waiting for your nxt post ...Keep smiling...God bless!! ~ Manju

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Thanks a lot for your kind concern. Hope life will come on track soon and Surely will come back to my blogging world.

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