Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Till Mawa/Khoa ke Ladoo Sweet Sesame Seeds and Condense Milk balls/ Indian Sweets

Till Mawa/Khoya ke Ladoo
Sweet Sesame Seeds and Condense Milk balls/
Indian Sweets/
Sweet Dumplings
Hi Friends,
I think these days television and internet is the only thing which leaves a vast impression on kids. Have you seen kids copying there favorite cartoon characters in real life. That's a different thing that these characters keep on changing every few weeks. Like my sons tarted with Popeye, Spider man then to batman, Mr. Bean, Doramon and now Chota Bheem. He needs almost everything related to that particular character. These days my son asks for Ladoos to gain power and energy like Chota Bheem. So very often i  make ladoos with different ingredients for him.
I was having some Khoya/mawa and wanted to use that as soon as possible. So yesterday i made these ladoos out of them. These are so easy, flexible and yummy ladoos. My son didn't let me take photographs. He ate two ladoos on the spot. It was bit dry but yummy. I didn't added any milk or ghee to moist them as khoya/mawa was enough for that. But if you are not able to form them in ball then you can use milk or ghee for more easier and smoother outcome. Everybody enjoyed these ladoos at my home. Hope you will also enjoy them.

White sesame seeds/Safed Till- 100 gm
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cardamom - 3-4
Raisins- 1 tbsp


Heat a heavy bottom kadai or pan

Dry roast sesame seeds/till

Roast for only one minute 

              till slightly brown then cool it a bit
               (don't over roast them otherwise they will get burnt)

take it in a grinder 

 coarsely grind it 

Now grate or crush khoa

take out seeds from cardamom pods

 Take sugar and cardamom seeds in grinder

powder them

Now take khoa/mawa in the same kadai

it will start melting soon

roast for 2-3 minutes an then swich of the gas and
cool it down a bit

while its still warm add ground sesame seed/till

powdered sugar


mix them properly

 take a portion of it  press tightly and Shape them in round balls

Ready to serve


  1. These are ladoos are at bit dry side, if you want them more moist and soft then add some warm ghee while shaping them in balls. If you will add ghee then you will get more smooth round balls.
  2. Adjust sugar as per your taste, i wanted mine to be less sweet so added half cup sugar.
  3. You can add any dry fruits according to your taste. I used only raisins this is my son's favorite.
  4. You can adjust the quantity of khoya/Mawa/sugar/Till and dry fruits as per your preferences. This is a flexible recipe.





  1. Nice step-by-step pictorial..
    must be delicious..

  2. Minimal ingredients yet stunning outcome and such a wonderful bite when I need to feel some sweetness on my tongue. Yum all the way.

  3. My mom used to make it ! Looks so yummy.

  4. Delicious till ka laddo Pari, You made it very simple, easy and tasty.