Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Popsicle with Rasna/ Orange Popsicle with Rasna powder

Popsicle with Rasna/ 
Orange Popsicle with Rasna powder
Hi Friends,
People are sweating in Delhi now. Food become a matter of concern as eating anything unhealthy can lead you  to the hospital so always prefer home made fresh food. But there are certain things which are unavoidable and ice creams and Popsicle comes under that Category. Two years back my kids use to have ice creams each and every night after dinner. I tried to stop them but kids are kids, you can't stop them so last summers i started to make my own ice creams and Popsicle which become hit in my house. Its so so easy to make them and a feeling of relief that kids are not eating anything unhealthy from outside.   

I am not a fan of ice creams, but i love Popsicle and my all time favorite is Orange one. Last year i made lots of ice creams and Popsicle like Roohafza Popsicle, Mango juice popsicle. Now today i am here with another Popsicle which tastes same as orange Popsicle available with ice cream vendors. It tastes so yum. Actually this is so easy to make your favorite Popsicle. If you like orange then add orange tang or juice, if mango is on your list then add mango juice see how easy it is. Only time consuming part is freezing time. It will take less then 5 minutes to pour it to ice cream or Popsicle mold and then wait for setting it completely. i usually make it in morning and enjoy it after lunch or dinner. I use aqua water and fresh or canned juice to make it. Few days back i made khatti-mithi ice cream candy (Popsicle) will post it soon. till then enjoy it.
Water - 2 cups
Rasna small packet - 2 (one packet makes one glass rasna)
Sugar- 1 tbsp
Rose Essence- 2-3 drops (optional)


Mix rasna powder in water

add sugar

mix well

now rose essence

all mixed well

Now take your Popsicle mold

Fill them

cap them and keep in fridge for 5 hours
(i keep them for whole night)

wow Popsicle are ready

Now take out and run the lower portion under water for few seconds

Take them out



  1. It was written on the pack that there is no need to add sugar, but before in experiments  i realised that sugar become less after freezing, so always add bit more sugar then required.
  2. You can use any flavor of rasna or tang for these Popsicle.
  3. Adding rose essence is purely optional.
  4. Keep them in freezer for at least 5 hours or adjust the timing according to the capacity of your fridge. In my fridge it takes 3 hours to make them properly set while i adjust the temperature on coldest.




  1. apt for summer and easy too

  2. Prefect summer pops,love to relish some.

  3. Delicious awesome Popsicle. Love the idea of using rasna.

  4. i cant make it in my fridge...wats the problem...:(

    1. dear try to put your freezer (ice ) compartment on highest and then put your mold in it. check after 5-6 hours. it must be set by that time.

  5. Where will I get the popsicle mold

  6. It is available at plastic utensil shop