Monday, 15 April 2013

Samak ke chaawal ki khichadi/ Navaratri Special/ Vrat ke chaawal

Samak ke chaawal ki khichadi/
Navaratri Special/
Vrat ke chaawal
Hi Friends,
Its mid Navaratri and i haven't posted any recipe yet. I am feeling very bad for this. So i am here with a very simple and tempting recipe here. Samak ke chawal ki khichadi. You don't need any fancy spices to make this. I don't know whether its Samak ke Chawal which makes them so tasty or grace of these nine holy days that make them so tasty. 

Its so easy to make them and you can serve it with anything you like. I served it with potato raita, you can serve it with plain curd or any side dish you take in vrat. It will be ready within 20 minutes. I made this for my hubby who is on fast for all nine days. So stay tuned for more Navaratri recipes.

Samak ke chawal-1 cup
Chopped boiled or raw potato- 1/2 cup
Tomato- 2 medium
Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
Red chilly pdr-1 tsp
Salt- as per your taste
Water - 3 cups

chop tomatoes in small size

Take 1 tbsp oil in ka kadai/pan/skillet

add cumin seeds and let them crackle

add chopped potatoes

let them cook for 1 minute

add tomatoes

mix well and cook for few seconds

add rice and salt

mix well

add double quantity of water and let it boil

it will be done within 12-15 minute


Ready to serve

Serve it alone

or with some scrumptious raita


  1. You can use boiled potato also to make this khichadi. I used raw potatoes, so to lessen the cooking time i chopped them small and fried them for 1 minute.
  2. You can make it without potato also. 
  3. Use double quantity of water in this as these rice soak so much water.
  4. You can make them in semi thick, thick or more watery according to your preference. for more thickness cook till desired consistency is achieved.
  5. I served it with potato raita, you can have it as it is or with any side dish taken in Navaratri.





  1. Something new yet something I will adore. Lovely and need to discover the ingredients to make the same at home.

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