Friday, 26 April 2013

Paneer Laajwaab/ Cottage Cheese Side Dish/ Paneer Dry Dish

Paneer Laajwaab/
Cottage Cheese Side Dish/
Paneer Dry Dish

Hi Friends,
Since long I haven't posted any side dish. I was feeling like that i missed something. Its a big task to prepare breakfast and pack kids lunch boxed daily. I am in always search for something easy quick and healthy. My son loved paneer, we also relish it in any form. I bought paneer and kept on thinking that what should i make with it. I didn't wanted to try kadai paneer, shahi paneer etc. I suddenly remind one recipe used to make paneer tikka. then suddenly one idea struck in my mind and marinated paneer in curd and spices like we do for paneer tikka. In the morning i cooked that marinated paneer like we cook our regular sabzi. Can you believe it was ready within 10 minutes and tasted yum.
You need to serve it warm. If you are going to serve it immediately after cooking then you can make it more dry but if you are going to pack it then let some moisture remain so that it will remain moist for longer. You can pan fry this marinated paneer and scrumptious snack would be ready. You can take it any way you want. I never thought that the outcome will be so delicious. Its a great rescuer at the time of jiffy. If you are organizing a party then marinate it day before and cook next day. How easy right? Try it guys, you will love it. 

Paneer/Cottage Cheese- 250gm
Curd- 1 cup thick
cumin seeds- 1 tsp
Amchoor powder- 1 tsp
Red chilly pdr- 1 tsp
Coriander powder- 1 tsp
Lemon- 1
Salt- as per your taste


Take curd in a bowl

whisk it well

Add all spices

Mix well

squeeze lemon

Mix well again

 Cut paneer in cubes

add them in prepared curd

Mix well and quote paneer with batter
and keep it aside for 15 minutes

See color has changed now

Heat oil in kadai or preferably pan

splutter cumin seeds

Add marinated paneer as it is
(no need to take out paneer separately)

In starting it will release water

soon it will dry up 

see all water will evaporate

stir in between and cook further for few minutes





  1. Marination time is important here. Marinate it for at lease 15 minutes. I prepared mix at night and made next morning, it took hardly 10 minutes to prepare it.
  2. Adjust spices according to your choice. You can replace amchoor pdr with chat masala.
  3. You can pan fried these marinated pieces on pan and enjoy as snacks. 
  4. Don't cook it for longer as it will dry up more and become hard soon. If you are suppose to serve it later then cook bit less so that it will stay moist for longer.
  5. Serve it warm.


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