Thursday, 25 April 2013

Strawberry Shake/ Summer Special

Strawberry Shake/
Summer Special
Hi Friends,
Summers are already here and kitchens are more flooded with fruits, juices lite vegetables etc. People are trying to quench there thirst with shakes, juices, buttermilk etc. Fruits are really very healthy option in this summery season and a great savior also. You can make whole lot of things with fruits from breakfast to dinner like shakes, juices, desserts, salads etc. After entering to the blogging world i started experimenting a lot with new fruits i never tried in cooking. There is a famous fruits which i don't like personally as i don't like its flavor as in my childhood i ate few things with strawberry flavor and i really started hating this fruit. I never ever ate any strawberry flavored desserts or even toffees. 

I neglected this fruit very much. But i noticed that my kids like its flavor, then one day when my hubby bought a packet of strawberry first time i ate this fruit. It was not that bad at all. But still i can only have this as fruit and can't eat anything with its flavor, even not a cake. I used strawberries in few recipes like Strawberry Chunk Jam and i feel that now i have started liking its taste. 
I made strawberry shake few times but never dared to have it. Last night my son asked to make this shake, by the time i prepared it he was slept and i didn't wanted to keep it in fridge for whole night, so i drank it unwillingly but as soon as i drank it i felt it was so creamy and small chunks in between was so tempting. I drank full glass and very amazed with the texture of the shake. I like it very very much. Hope you will also like it very much.

Strawberries- 10-12
Milk - 1 glass
Sugar - According to your taste

Gather your ingredients

take strawberries in a grinder

add sugar

puree them

Now add milk

whiz it again

Pour in glass

Stud with a strawberry



  1. You can adjust the quantity of strawberries and milk according to your taste. if your like thinner version then reduce the strawberries and increase the milk.
  2. Adjust the sugar according to the sweetness of strawberries. My strawberries was not that much ripe so used more sugar to cover up.
  3. You can use chilled milk or if milk is not that much cold then add ice while blending all ingredients.
  4. Serve chilled.





  1. fav d best way..

  2. Delicious and lovely looking shake. Excellent preparation.