Thursday, 11 April 2013

Muesli Chocolate Bars/ Crunchy Chocolate Bars/ Chocolate Bars with Muesli

Muesli Chocolate Bars/
Crunchy Chocolate Bars/
Chocolate Bars with Muesli
Hi Friends,
Sometimes you love something which is very unhealthy weather its  junk food or sweets like chocolate. These cases are more worst in kids. Who doesn't love Chocolates. I haven't seen a single kids yet who doesn't love it. Even elders become kids when it comes to chocolates. When it comes to health issues for kids and elders its become a hindrance to enjoy this delicacy, having chocolate is a  risky affair in daily routine. But now it is proved that Dark chocolate if taken in moderation will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its a good antioxidant, helps in weight loss, lower high BP, controls High Blood sugar and good for your heart and brain. source fitday.
Most of the time i make chocolates at home. To make it more healthy i use dry fruits muesli and olive oil. This way i achieve lots of benefits together. My kids always ask me to make more and store in the fridge but i know all that will vanish up in single day. So make them in intervals with different ingredients like with dry fruits, cornflakes, peanuts etc. This time i used muesli and it came out so yum. I have lots of chocolate molds but if you don't have then don't worry you can make your own molds (see notes). So guys these are enough reasons to indulge in your favorite dark chocolate bar. Don't wait, just try it.

Cooking Dark Chocolate - 150gm or chopped one cup
Dry Fruit Muesli - 3/4 cup
Olive Oil- 1 tbsp
Chocolate mold- bars shape (see notes)



Chocolate mold

melt chocolate by double boiling method

add olive oil and mix well (sorry forgot to take pic)
Now throw in muesli

Mix well

Pour it in molds and keep in freezer for 10 minutes

tap mold to unmold bars

You crunchy munchy chocolate bars are ready

you can wrap them and gift to someone you love

I also made some square shape crunchy chocolate


Gift for someone you love

  1. All utensils you use should be completely dry, moisture can damage your whole chocolate.
  2. If you don't have muesli in hand then you can use anything in hand like cornflakes, dry fruits, dried fruits etc. You can also make them plain.
  3. If you don't have mold then cover a square shape pan or thali/plate with foil, pour the mixture, let it cool (not in fridge) for 5 minutes, mark the cuts and then put in freezer to set.
  4. You can use butter or normal vegetable oil instead of olive oil.
  5. keep chocolate in freezer for 10 minutes, tab mold to remove it and then wrap it in wrapping paper (its a chocolate wrapping paper not normal gift wrapping paper).
  6. Wrap chocolate immediately after unmolding it otherwise it will get moisture and it would be difficult to store it for longer.
  7. In case you get moisture on chocolate immediately pet dry with dry and clean kitchen towel and wrap it.





  1. wow home made chocolate

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  2. WOW Madhu .......They look awesome :)
    Perfect Yaar !!!!
    Boondi Raita

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