Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Scrumptious Jalebi/ Indian Sweet/Flour Roundels in Sugar Syrup

Scrumptious Jalebi/
Indian Sweet/ 
Flour Roundels in Sugar Syrup
Hi Friends,
I know this is the season to bake cookies cakes and other stuff but this is the sweet i wanted to try since long. and oh my God i have done it with such an ease. I made it while i was in 10th standard. yes heard right. i tried it in summer vacations after board exam and my parents was so amazed and happy that i made that home. I was never good in making regular Daal and sabzis. but when it comes to sweets, curd rice (it was not common for us), daal makhani, shahi paneer paalak paneer etc. i was perfect there. So after a long time i made them and succeed after few attempts. I made the batter filled in bottle, heated oil on high flame and made roundels, dipped in sugar syrup and ooops. within a minute it become soggy. My heart was crying badly. then again i gathered courage and low down the flame, again made roundels and dipped in sugar syrup and wooooooooow it was perfect. then i found the mistake that this needs to be done on low flame. I proceed and i was so happy while making this as as soon as i made roundals dipped them in syrup and placed them in plate , my hubby or kids came and it was vanished. i kept these 2 pieces for my pictures. So guys try this at home and enjoy home made sugary roundels.

Maida/All purpose flour- 2 cups
Curd - one cup 
Sugar - 2 cups 
Water - 3 cups
Cademom - 2-3 pods
Saffron or yellow color- a pinch

For batter

For sugar syrup

Take sugar and water in a pan 

Heat it

after 10 min add crushed cardamon and color

Done after 15 min

Mix flour and curd 

make smooth batter and leave it at warm place for 1 hour

After 1 hours again mix it well 

Pour batter in a sauce bottle or in a muslin cloth or in a piping bag

Heat oil in a shallow pan

Pour batter in

let it brown from both sides and take out

dip in sugar syrup for 2-3 seconds


SERVE with Rabdi, hot milk or as it is

  1. It is important that there should not be any lumps in batter otherwise it will not make such roundels and will break in oil.
  2. Consistency of batter should not be too runny or thick. It should be bit more thick to the batter we make for pakodas.
  3. Heat oil on low flame and then pour batter in to make crispy jalebis.
  4. Never dip roundels in sugar syrup more then few seconds otherwise it become soggy.
  5. You can use yeast instead of curd. Mix yeast in warm milk and leave it for 10 min then make batter with this milk-yeast solution and leave batter to ferment for 1 hours and proceed.
  6. you can add color in jalebi batter also to make yellow jalebis like store bought one but i avoided it.





  1. i love jalebis and this is on my agenda for long time

    i read some place we hv to leave overnite to ferment the batter

    bt ur jalebis r tempting me now
    and sugar syrup consistencey is one string right

    1. hi meena, actually for this kind of sweets i never bother about the string consistency. i just make syrup thick by boiling and and use. i never had complaints.

  2. Love the first picture - so tempting!!! should we need not allow the batter to ferment?
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    1. hi sowmya, actuly my batter was not fermenting that well. but i used it and result was good. more fermented batter will make jalebis bit of sour taste and i don't like it. will try soon with well fermented batter and let you know. thanks for liking the post.

  3. yumm love the way you have explained tempting !!!

  4. Replies
    1. thanks divya, you can come anytime and grab as many you like for yourself heheeh.

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