Monday, 24 September 2012

Tomato Cooler

Tomato Cooler
 Hi Friends,
Hope you all are enjoying zig zag of daily routine of your life. Yesterday i though to make soup but lack of mixer grinder gave a me thought to try it. Earlier i had three mixer grinder which went in the dustbin one by one within two weeks (this is the tragedy of my kitchen)afterwords i never bough any. I don't know the reason and every time the price of repairing was just close to brand new MG. Earlier i use to make yummy soothing soups every second day, now i was helpless but nothing can stop to try my favorite things.
Yesterday i was desperate to have some soup, so i just went through my imagination and started boiling tomatoes,but by time this process done, i don't know why i thought to make it a cooler version and this cooler came in light. It came out so yummy. My kids drank half of the quantity and my son a fussy eater said mammy ye to Gol Gappa Paani se be zyada acha hai.(its far batter then gol gappa water). This was a huge compliment. Now i know it must be a regular thing in my home. So guys try it at home and tell me what your kids said.

Tomato- 4 big
Tock Salt/Kala Namak- 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds- 1/2 tsp
Black Pepper Pdr - 1/2 tsp
Boondi - for garnishing

Gather Ingredients
(Please add tomato and black pepper pdr in it)

Heat water in a vessel

When it comes to boil add tomatoes in it

By the time tomatoes are boiling 
 heat griddle and dry roast cumin seeds on it

Remove from heat


Tomatoes are cooked within 10 min

Peal off the skin

Grate them or pulse in a mixer

Sieve the pulp
you can use 1 cup water to squeeze out the juice out of it

Add ice cold water and rock salt in sieved pulp
(I have added 2 glass chilled water in it)

Spice it up with crushed cumin seeds

black pepper powder

 Mix Well

Ready to Serve

Garnish with Boondi

Hmmmmmmmmm nice tangy Color

  1. For a perfect taste don't skip any ingredient.
  2. In can you can use normal table salt instead of rock salt, but it will change the taste.




  1. haha pari u r so funny. i can imagine ur kiddo's face with this and very very innovative. vaise when i get lazy even when i hv mixer grinder i use hand blender.

    next time do aarti with ur mixer grinder and use

    wonderful dish and with boondi no wonder ur kid felt it was like pani puri ka paani

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  2. hi meena, why i am so funny dear, i do funny cooking to attract my kids. It tastes like paani puri water dear, its so tempting. try it.

  3. Love this innvative drink recipe.

    Today's recipe:

  4. Thanks Shailaja, Sanoli and Divya

  5. Hi Pari,

    I have awarded you One Lovely Blog award at my space.
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  6. Hey Pallavi, thank you sooooooooooooooo much dear. I will love to accept this award. Thanks a ton.