Monday, 10 September 2012

Marie Biscuit Delight/Biscuit Smiley

Marie Biscuit Delight/ Biscuit Smiley
Hi Friends,
Today i am going to share a very interesting recipe with you. actually its not a recipe, its just a way to make a very boring biscuit to something very interesting. Few Days back late night my son was asking for chocolate biscuits. I was so much tired to go downstairs and bring some biscuits for him. Then suddenly an idea stuck in my mind. I was having some leftover chocolate icing and few day back i bought some dry fruits for my kids, but they never touched them, so without delay i entered in the kitchen and and came back after 10 min with these biscuits. My kids saw them and jumped with joy. Biscuits was over within few minutes. Since then i made them every second day for kids tiffin or for evening snack or just for munching them in between. Try them guys with your kids favorite candies, dry fruits, fruits etc, they will just love them. You can make them for kids parties also. 

Prep Time - Hardly 10-15 min
Chocolate Icing - 3-4 tbsp
Britania Marie Biscuits-20
Almonds - 10
Cashews - 5
Gems - 8-10

Take your ingredients

Take one Split Almond and Cashew in two parts from centre line
Take one Marie Biscuit 

Apply some chocolate in the center part leaving sides

Now place second Biscuit on it and press gently

Now take one almond in hand and apply one drop melted chocolate on it and make eyes 

Then take one cashew and make face

Its just a great idea for kids parties

  1. Chocolate icing should be at room temperature.
  2. I used almond and cashew to make eyes and fce, you can use any dry fruit fruit to make something interesting.
  3. Making face or decorating them was to attract the kids, you can just have them simple as chocolate cream biscuit.



  1. interesting and innovative :)

  2. wow lovely idea akka... i too love it... can i take it...

  3. WOW!! This is much much better than the previous theme Pari!! :) Of course, you could still make a lot of improvements. But this is great for a start! For one thing, your posts are easily accessible which is the biggest plus point! :)