Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cake ?????

Cake ?????
Hi Friends, 
I never new that an event will give me so many fabulous friends. I am glad to read comments and people liking my This tiny vegetarian corner. I thank all my readers to give me such a huge support. Earlier i thought i don't know weather i will be able to keep this blog for a longer time, but support of all of you giving me more and more encouragement. As i told you earlier that i like to do experiment in my kitchen but before starting this blog i was so afraid to try anything new. Now i am becoming more and more daring. 
I did one more experiment and it came out so tasty, ready was within 20 min and when i asked my family to guess the ingredients they all were totally clueless. When i told my hubby the main ingredient (who was busy in gulping this cake) he gave me a surprised look. There are few things which should be kept in mind while making this (see notes). So guys may be its not very new for my south Indian reader, i really don't know. Actually i have heard about their one similar cake. So please let me know if any slimier recipe really does exist. Here we go with the recipe.

Idli Batter- 2 cups
Coco Powder- 2 tbsp
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Dry Fruits- as per your choice

(please read notes carefully)
Gather your ingredients

Add coco powder, sugar in idli batter

 gently mix them

Take any cake pan or any bowl or plate with sides
grease it with oil as we do for idlis and pour batter in it

Decorate with nuts

Now we need to steam it
(You can use your idli cooker for this)
i used a large kadai, filled 1 inch water and put one idli stand in it 

Adjust your cake pan on that idli stand

Cover and stem for 10-15 min
(check after 10 min, insert a toothpick or knife gently in it if comes out clean then its done, if not then steam for more 2-3 min and check again)

Mine was done after 12 min
(it depends upon the thickness of cake)

Remove and Cool it a bit

Cut and Serve

I served it with Chocolate Sauce (see notes)

Wanna have some?

  1. I used only 2 tsp sugar and i felt it was very less, so increased it to 2 tbsp in the recipe.
  2. I used 2 tsp cocoa, which again came out very less, so i also increased it to 2 tbsp in the recipe.
  3. Cake came out less sweet so i served it with Chocolate sauce and no body recognized the main ingredient. 
  4. I poured some sauce in serving plate, placed piece of cake and again poured sauce on it to hide the sweetness.
  5. Use fresh idli batter, not sour one.
  6. Thickness of cake is very important, don't make it more then 2 inch thick, so use wide cake mold/pan, as it would not be cooked from inside and will take longer time.
  7. You can add nuts, dry fruits, tutti frutii, as it was first time i was making it so used very less ingredients.




  1. oh wow...very innovative..amazing!!It looks exactly like cake...will try this:)

  2. Thanks Dear, yes it realy looks like cake, try it dear

  3. wow pari this is really innovative dish and doesnt look like its made from idli batter

    i was reading thru first and thinking what is ingredient in this


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  4. Thanks Meena, you know name of my younger sis is also Meena, what a co-incidence.

  5. This is really an innovative idea. Brilliant:-) Kudos to you.

  6. Cake with idli batter? Am I reading it wrong here? That is such an innovative idea!!!

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  7. Thanks Nithu and Sowmya

    Sowmya- you heard it right. Cake with Idli Batter. Try it dear. You can please your loved one with this cake withing 20 min.

  8. Hey madhu akka... so fabulous and very innovative akka... i did with dosa n u did with idli... wat a coincidence akka... so lovely cake...

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  9. Hi Dear vijaya, we did allmost same thing, thats why you call me akka. heheheh. at my place homemade dosa/idli batter is avialable, so i use that. both are same.

  10. really innovative .. idli cake??? am going to try tis :)