Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time to Celebrate-Day 3 with Navaratan Pulao

Time to Celebrate-Day 3
Navaratan Pulao/Shahi Pulao/Flavored Rice

Hi friends,
Today i am Three Months Old heheheh, means my Blog is three months old. I have completed three months in this fabulous world. I don't know how time flawed away. I never thought i will start a blog some day and will get so many sweet friends who inspired me so much. With all those sweet people i would like to share this recipe.
I hope one day i will be posting my Third Anniversary by completing three years in blogging world. Lets hope for the best and Thanks to all of you guys my readers, followers, my inspiration. I made this NAVARATAN PULAO to celebrate.

Navaratan pulao, A Shahi/Royal Rice preparation. Navaratna means 9 ratna/jewels, so in this delicacy nine royal things are included mix and matching between royal veggies and dryfruits.  I had this pulao at many functions. But never tried that. Even i have seen so many recipes on blogs but never satisfied with them. I want my pulao really royal. Not like any other pulao we make adding different vegetables. 
I saw this recipe in a magazine few time back and memorize a bit. So just thought to make my pulao and i tell you that it was awesome. So different taste was there some crunchy some gooey. I haven't added any spice in it and still it tasted so yummy. I will suggest you to try it once. Here goes my Shahi/Navaratna Pulao.

Rice- 2 cups
Beans - 1 tbsp (chopped small)
Carrot -1 tbsp (chopped small cubes)
Paneer -1 tbsp (chopped small cubes)
Almonds - 1 tbsp
Cashew - 1 tbsp
Raisins - 1 tbsp
Babycorn - 1 tbsp
Cinnamon Stick - 1 inch piece
Cinnamon Pdr - 2 pinch
Cardamon (small) - 2-3
Cumin Seeds (Shahi Jeera) -1 tsp
Ghee/Oil - 2-3 tbsp

Take your ingredients

Wash Rice

Take a big vessel to make rice
Add 4 cups water in it

Add 1 tbsp ghee/oil in it and let it simmer

Add Rice and let them cook completely
keep stirring in between

After 10 min add 1/2 tbsp ghee in a small pan
(you can do it on tawa also)

Now fry almonds, cashew, raisins, beans, carrot, babycorn, cinnamon stick and cardamom one by one (not together)

All Fried

By the time all will be fried your Rice will be cooked 
sprinkle 1-2 pinch of cinnamon pdr on the cooked rice and cover it

Now take one tbsp ghee/oil in pan again and throw your all fried stuff in it keep stirring for 5 seconds and immediately pour on cooked rice

Mix properly very gently

At the end add paneer and mix again


Garnish with Dry Fruits

Have it with anything you want chatni sauce/dry dish/gravy dish

Sending this to event, Bon Vivant #8 - Rice Recipes

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  1. I wanted to add coconut but didn't found so used babycorn.
  2. You can use oil instead ghee, but for real taste ghee is recommended.
  3. Fry everything separately.
  4. You can use more dry fruits and less veggies.  




  1. Oh that is so lovely!!! and congratulations on your 3 month birthday!! wishing many more years to come!!


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  2. hi! regarding ur ques on my blog. Yes of course you can link your cake recipe :)

    By the way, if you don't mind, can I give you some advice? I see that you're only a few months into blogging. Your blog template is very difficult for us viewers to see. Your title is not seen because of the collage of pics behind it. And the columns are so wide that it is difficult to scroll to the correct post. I suggest you download a simple and elegant them so that it is more pleasant for the reader to see your posts. Again, I just wanted to help. I'm sorry if you think I've said too much! :)

    You can check out my updates on my page here :)

  3. This navratan rice looks delicious Madhu. I also agree with Kavi, it is little difficult to view. Try another templet dear.

  4. Thanks a lot PT, Sowmya, Kavi and Madhavi.
    Kavi and Madhavi i have changed my templet, actually in my PC it looks perfect. So that's why i never felt any problem. Please check and let me know if any other change is required. I appreciate your concern.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hey Pari, thnx for linking this beautiful looking dish to my event. so simple yet flavorful

  6. love your blog..check the awesome recipes in