Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dates Roll/Khajoor Roll

Dates Roll/Khajoor Roll
Hi Friends,
Have you felt that sometimes without any reason you become so sad and even after continuous effort you are not able to know the reason behind that. And after some time you came to know he reason, its may be a bad news on the way, bad means anything, small to big issues where your all efforts are rolled back or someone close got sick or something like that.  Yesterday i was having same feeling. Still i Don't know the reason. I am feeling very light as i am sharing all this with all such supportive people in my life. Thanks to all my readers who encourage me with their comments
Now coming to the recipe herewith i am posting Dates Roll. I always wanted to make these rolls. But due to some reason never tried it. So few days back i bough a packet of these dates and at night after finishing dinner part i moved ahead to make these rolls. It was so easy and tasty that i can't believed that it was ready within 15 min. And i loved the fact that these rolls are sugar less. So guys try your hands on it and tell me the outcome.

Almonds- 1 tbsp 
Walnuts:- 1/2 tbsp
Marie Biscuits-3-4
Foil sheet or sling film

Gather your ingredients

Chop dates and dry fruits

Crush biscuits
(I tool biscuits in polythene and rolled over rolling pin)

Take 1 tsp ghee in a heavy bottom pan/kadai and add chopped dates

Saute them for 5-10 min till then they become mushy
you can add add 1 tbsp milk to lessen the process

Now switch off the gas and let them cool down a bit
add all chopped dry fruits

 make a dough and shape in a log and roll in crushed biscuits
(if you find them sticky you can add crushed biscuits in it then roll)

Take a foil paper or cling film and cover this roll tightly and keep in freezer for 30 min

Take them out cut in desired shape

Cut in desired Shape

I also made some ball shape


  1. You can  use 1 tsp any oil instead of ghee. 
  2. You can skip oil/ghee and add 1 tbsp milk, it will cut the calories and lessen the process also.
  3. Add your favorite dry fruits.
  4. You can apply oil on your hands if find difficult to make a dough, but i proffered crushed biscuits. I spread crushed biscuits on the surface and then made dough.




  1. I had made these toolast year..mine is slightly different recipe..I rolled it in poppy seeds.

  2. arre this is really easy dish pari

    hope everything turns out well and ur feeling remains just that

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  3. I had made these too before 2 months, slight different. I added poppy seeds. Very delicious sweet I know.

    Today's recipe:

  4. Very happy to see a total vegetarian blog. Glad to follow you.

  5. Hi Shobha and Sanoli - i will try it with poppy seeds, thanks

    Meena B - Yes meena its tooooo easy to make these rolls

    Mr. Amarendra - Thanks, for your comments. i am pure vegetarian even i don't use eggs.

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