Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sweet Rice/Zarda

Sweet Rice/Zarda
Hi Friends,
I am overwhelmed with the results of my First Event i have started. I was not expecting such mouth watering recipes for my event. Now i am planning for my Second Event and Giveaway. lets see what will happens. Now to the recipe. I am here with a Sweet Rice Recipe which is also called Zarda, i made few day back. My Naani (mom's mother) use to make these rice. These rice reminded my childhood memories. She use to make them especially for me. Even when my sis tated them she said, Naani use to make these rice for us na?
It came out so good. Softness of rice and crunch of dry fruits made a great combination to go together. I am a total sweet person but i don't know why i liked the such a light sweetness in this recipe. The sweetness was just perfect for all those who prefer less sweet. Its a great sweet dish for kids. I used ghee for frying. You can use any vegetable oil or totally skip adding oil. or for more healthier version you can use olive oil. But for this kind of great texture it would advise you to add oil/ghee for this. Don't worry you need hardly 3-4 tsp. So try them and tell me who is connected with this recipe.

Boiled Rice- 1 & cups
Sugar - 1 & 1/2 tbsp
Yellow color or saffron - a pinch
Dry fruits- as per your choice 
(i used 1 tbsp almonds, 1 tbsp coconut and 1 tbsp peanuts)

Gather your ingredients

Heat 1 tsp ghee/oil in kadai

Fry peanuts in it and remove

Then fry chopped almonds and coconut in same oil for few seconds

Add boiled Rice

Mix well

Add yellow color

Mix Well and Throw fried peanuts in it

Now at the end add sugar give it a quick stir and cover with lid 

switch off the gas after one min again remove the cover and stir again. Your Sweet Rice is ready

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  1. You can use saffron instead of yellow color.
  2. After adding sugar i switched off the gas and covered the kadai after one min i stir it again. This method was perfect to cook rice with sugar, if you find un melted sugar then again switch on the gas and cook until sugar melted properly.
  3. You can make them without color also, but i wanted to make them attractive and also i like them this way.

Hope you will like it


  1. hi pari.. this reminds me of the sweet kesariya rice i made some days bck

    i made it in my oven though i do make at stove top

    with spicy dal its yummy..

    Moong curry

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  2. Never tried this...Yummy n delicious rice!!!

  3. Looks delicious,simple and easy recipe.
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  4. Very famous rice dish, love it anytime. Nice step by step pictorials.

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  5. yummy and very pretty!!! congrats on your first giveaway and looking forward for more!!
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  6. Thank you for visiting my space & the lovely comments...
    This recipe looks amazing & presentation so well.
    Keep visiting :)

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