Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Scrumptious Plain Kachori Dedicated to Golden Collage Days/ Kids Special

Scrumptious Plain Kachori Dedicated to Golden Collage Days/
Kids Special
Hi Friends,
While writing this post i can remember the streets of famous Kamla Nagar Market in Delhi, a hub for North campus students who bunk their classes to roam around and while having very few coins in the pockets searching to gulp something to suppress hunger cramps and hang on. I remember when first time i ate these kachoris a decade back at that time they served 8 kachoris for Rs. 10/-. Those were really delight for students like us who gulp pizzas and colas and also walk a extra mile to relish these kachoris which were our savior in money crisis which occurs at last days of every month. There are so many book stores near this kachori shop. So one fine day when  i went with my friend to buy some books there my friend bought these kachoris which was served with gravy aloo sabzi and asked me to try this as i was not vary fond of savories (i am more a person with bad sweet tooth) like other girls, i took one piece and after i tasted i immediately ordered one more plate for me. Then i got addicted to these round delicacy and so many times went off the way to relish them. 
Last Saturday i was planning for the breakfast for Sunday morning and went through so many blogs but none of them satisfied me. Then i saw so many kachori recipes on Nishamadhulika blog. That too required hard work like preparing and stuffing. Suddenly i remembered Kamla Nagar Kachoris and decided to go for plain kachoris with aloo ki sabzi. Next morning when i started making breakfast through out the process memories from past made smile and sometimes dropping few drops from my eyes. Saying it true that TIME FLIES. While frying kachoris aroma was just made me remind those kachoris and i was caught in web of thoughts how we use to snatch them from each other. even i use to get packed few plates for my family also. As these require frying i won't be making them often but whenever clouds of memories will grab me i will make them again and again. I am here dedicating this post to those Golden Days of mine and all my blogger friends who might be lost in their memory lane till now. I know you also must be having some old memories just remind them and cook these scrumptious kachoris.

APF/Maida- 2 cups full
Oil- 1 tbsp
Salt- 1 tsp
Water - as required

Take your ingredients

Take flour and add salt and oil in it

Rub and mix them with hands

All mixed up

Now slowly add water

Start making dough using little water at a time

 Dough should not be too soft or hard
it should be medium,
Cover and keep aside for 15-30 minutes

Dough is light and soft now

Grease your hands

Pinch a ball out of dough

Make ball

All done

Now roll in with rolling pin but not too thin
It should be medium thick

pierce it with a fork


Now heat oil
Oil should be medium hot, not too hot

Try one thumb size dough to check the heat of oil

You can make it by hand also

slowly slip them in oil

fry on low heat till they are dark brown

Drain on tissue

You can roll dough and cut with a cutter for nice round shape


and drain



 Usually these kachoris are served with 
spicy taridaar aloo ki sabzi

I made this sabzi (recipe coming soon) to go with these kachoris

Now dip your kachori in sabzi

 grab some on it and have a bite

wanna try some???????
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  1. Adjust the salt in kachoris as if you are going to serve them with sabzi or chatni or sauce and all these things already have salt in it. If serving with them you can also skip salt totally.
  2. You can stuff your kachoris with potato, onion, paneer etc and make them more delicious.
  3. For best results serve hot. 
  4. Resting time is important here. keep dough to rest at least for 30 minutes. 
  5. Use as less water is required to knead the dough. Less water will make them more crisp. 
  6. Heat oil for frying on medium flame and slip one kachori in it then sim the gas and fry. You kachoris will be crisp and well cooked from inside.


  1. delicious kachori's and love the new look of you blog dear :)

  2. delicious snack....
    nice to read your memories...

  3. nice cruncy yummy kachoris :)

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