Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Custard Biscuit Pudding/ Pudding for Parties/ Kids Special

Custard Biscuit Pudding/
Pudding for Parties/
Kids Special

Hi Friends,
Howz weather at your places? My place is having very uncertain weather these days. In the morning it will be pouring like anything and in the afternoon shiny sun will make you sweat. In this kind of weather its very difficult to find out exact food as in rainy season you would gulp on pakora, chats, hot beverages, cakes etc but on sunny and humid day you would like to have something light, chilled and healthy. But when in one day you faces so many weathers then you have to decide what you really want to cook and eat. So yesterday i made this biscuit pudding which can be eaten in any season any weather and you will be very surprised with the salty and sweet taste with the slight hint of coffee. 
This dessert can be made for small get together or for children parties  as you can prepare it night before and serve next day after meal. You can make it in big bathes and in small serving portion also which can be divided in group of 2-4 person. Its very easy to serve and eat. Try it guys your kids will love and even you will find it so tempting that you can't resist yourself to have few bites.

Recipe Source- Sharmi's passion

Total preparation Time- 20 minutes
Resting Time- 2-3 hours

Any salted square biscuits- 32 pieces
Custard powder - 1 tbsp
Coffee- 1 tsp
Sugar- 1 tbsp
Milk -1.5 cups
Cardamom - 2 
Chocolate - 1 small piece

 Grab your ingredients

First we will make coffee decotion
Take coffee in a bowl 

mix half cup hot water in it and let it cool
its ready now

Now we will make custard
Now take our half cup milk separate

Heat one cup milk, add sugar and cardamom, 

Now in the half cup milk, add custard pdr

mix it well

 Add it in boiling milk

slow down the flame and stir with spoon

       keep on stirring otherwise it will stick to the                                         bottom

check the consistancy 
it ready when it will cote the back of the spoon

Now cool it completely
Custard is DONE

Cooled custard is ready

Grate chocolate with a grater

Now a foil sheet large enough to wrap pudding from all sides

Ready to assemble

Take a biscuit and dip it in coffee and water mix

take it out immediately

Lay them like this on foil sheet

now apply a thin layer of custard on it

Apply second layer of biscuit by dipping them in coffee decotion

 Again custard layer and third layer of biscuit

and final custard and biscuit layer

All layers done

 Now smear a generous amount of custard on top

sprinkle grated chocolate on top

Ready to go in fridge

 Gently cover from all sides and seal with light hands, foil should not touch top layer
(gather foil from all sides and seal it on top without pressing it)
keep it in fridge for at least 2-3 hours

 Ready to serve

 See the beauty

 Cut a square piece


Have a bite and you will end up finishing it all

HMM Creamy and Cruncy melting delicacy

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  1. You can use any of salted biscuit. I used Britannia 50-50. 
  2. If you don't have chocolate then you can use Dairymilk chocolate of Rs. 5 or 10. 
  3. Before assembling ensure that all ingredients like custard and coffee decotion are at room temperature. otherwise it will make pudding soggy.
  4. Amount of custard you apply is totally your choice you can make a thin layer if you don't like it that much.
  5. You need to work fast while assembling, so keep everything ready and make layers as when you will place coffee soaked biscuits on the custard layer then they will start slipping. 
  6. You can use any of your Favorite flavor of custard but i think vanilla pairs well with salted biscuits. 
  7. Chill this pudding for at least 2-3 hours to make fine squares.
  8. You can decorate top layer with anything like dried fruits, dry fruits, fruits, chocolate curls, cherry, tutti fruity etc.