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Chawal ke Atay ki Roti/ Rice Flour Flat bread/ Chapati with Rice Flour/ How to make Chapati with Rice Flour

 Chawal ke Atay ki Roti/
Rice Flour Flat bread/
Chapati with Rice Flour/
How to make Chapati with Rice Flour
Hi Friends,
Today I am here with a recipe which i wanted to try since childhood. Yes heard right childhood. My mom use to make these Rice Flour Chapati for us and i always asked her to make 2 more chapatis to enjoy them with evening cup of milk. In the evening i roast them again with some ghee/butter and make them crisp and enjoy with milk. Even i can have them as it is without any accompaniment  I tried lots of time to make them but it was a laborious work. My mom use to take whole flour in a big vessel then knead a little at a time and shaping it with her hands to make a round big chapati. Earlier i thought that how easy it is but when i tried it, i made one chapati and my hands started aching like anything. 
I always tried to find some easy way to make them. But never succeed. Then i entered in blogging world and came to know about South Indian Cooking and i fall in love with it. I love there way of cooking. There i found a very easy way to make these chapatis. I tried it and was very surprised to see that how easy it become to make these flat breads. While i was making them my son came running and said give me this Dosa, i laughed and told him that this is chapati not dosa, but he kept on calling it dosa. He ate 3 small chapatis and my daughter also ate 3. Only 2 were left for me. I ate them with milk as use to do in my childhood days delighted to know that Now i can make my favorite chapati myself. 

Rice Flour- 1 cup
Carom seeds- 1 tsp
Salt- 1/2 tsp


Boil 2 cups water in a vessel

Add salt and carom seeds

When water starts boiling add rice flour carefully 

Mix it well with spoon and switch off the gas

Keep it covered for 10 minutes

uncover after 10 minutes

wet your palm and knead and make a smooth dough

place a plastic sheet on your work surface

Now pinch a ball out of the dough

Flat it a bit with your hands

now cover it with another sheet and roll it with your rolling pin

remove upper sheet carefully and place it on a 
preheated tawa

Turn and cook form both sides

your rice chapati is ready to serve

Have it with any side dish you like

want to know how i like to enjoy this chapati
i like to have them with a cup of milk or coffee
i know its something unusual but i like it this way

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  1. It is important to keep the dough covered all the time otherwise it will get dry and very difficult to handle. 
  2. You can always apply some ghee/butter on it while roasting the roti as it will give your more crunchy and chewy taste.
  3. You can make it more healthay and tasty by adding more spices like , cumin seeds, coriander, chopped onion etc.
  4. You can them simple also without any spice like skip carom seeds if you or your kids don't like them.





  1. well made akka... looks very yummy...

  2. wow looks delicious and so soft roti .. Lovely pictorials dear :)

  3. Rotis with rice flour looks simply wonderful and tempting.

  4. half way its similar to south indain kozhukattai we use to steam here you made like roti.. will try soon..
    Thanks for linking to my event.

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