Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Nariyal Ki Barfi without Oil-Ghee/ Coconut Fudge without Butter/ Quick and Easy Coconut Barfi

Nariyal Ki Barfi without Oil-Ghee/
Coconut Fudge without Butter/
Quick and Easy Coconut Barfi
Hi Friends,
One more achievement on my to-do list. Since long i wanted to make these barfis, even bought desiccated coconut one month back but didn't wanted to use condense milk. Few days back i saw a very easy and butter less recipe of nariyal barfi at Aarthi's blog and decided to give it a try. Sunday evening i don't why suddenly my daughter asked me that she wanted to have Barfi but didn't specified which barfi. So i thought its a good time to try it and went to the kitchen. My daughter got busy in watching cartoon. It took me hardly 15 minutes to prepare it and as i know my kids might not like hard barfi so cooled them in fridge for 15 minutes and served just after 30 minutes to them. My daughter was amazed that mom didn't went out and from where these barfis came. I told them that i have made it for them. Both were delighted and took the plate from my hands which i taken back to share with others also. Both ate total 4 barfis and kept few for next day lunch box. I was more then happy and satisfied. 
These are so easy and quick barfis. You can use fresh grated coconut for this. As i didn't wanted to do that much handwork to buy and shell and grate the coconut so i bought desiccated coconut from store and used that and believe me barfis made with this came out as we get in sweet shops. Its a quick fix for unexpected guests, kids parties and for whom who have very bad sweet tooth like me. You need few ingredients and few minutes to make this delicacy and soft & smooth fudge is ready to melt in mouth. Hope you will try it and enjoy as much as i did.


Desiccated Coconut- 1 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Milk - half cup
Cardamom- 3-4


take a heavy bottom kadai

Add desiccated coconut

add milk in it

mix well

Now start heating it

Add Sugar

Now separate cardamom seeds from shells 

Crush seeds

Add to coconut mixture

Keep on stirring

and stirring

and stirring

Within 10 minutes you will see that color is changed a bit and its coming together

Take a aluminium foil sheet

Place your mix on it

Level it with greased hands or back of a spoon

Mark the lines for pieces

Cover from all sides and keep in fridge

I removed it after 15 minutes


These were so soft and yum

taste just like store bought one

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  1. I have used store bought desiccated coconut here. You can use freshly grated coconut for authentic taste.
  2. You can add any dry fruit in it for more delicious and healthy Barfi. I wanted to make it plain so didn't added anything.
  3. If you want soft barfi then keeping for one hour in fridge (not freezer) is enough. But if you want them crisp and hard then keep them in fridge for almost 2-3 hours. 
  4. You can also skip sugar and add condense milk instead.
  5. Instead of aluminium foil sheet you can grease a plastic or steel plate and follow as directed.