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Celebrating 2 lakh pageviews with Saffron Almond Kulfi with Pink Falooda Sev/ Kesar Badaam Kulfi with Pink Sewaiya/ How to make Kulfi at home/ Kids Special/ Summer Special

Celebrating 2 lakh pageviews 
Saffron Almond Kulfi with Pink Falooda Sev/
Kesar Badaam Kulfi with Pink Sewaiya/
How to make Kulfi at home/
Kids Special/
Summer Special

Hi Friends,
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my all dear friends, followers, readers, supporters
Don't know how many times i should thank you all for your immense support
Its a great achievement for me. I am always short of words when it comes to express feelings. So here is my way to express feelings.
 A virtual treat for all of you.

I hope you all accepted and my feeling for you all as i don't have words to say anything. I can only say is that this is because all of you i have achieved this milestone. 
Now to today's recipe is dedicated to all of you and to my childhood memories which reminds us kulfi wala bhaiya selling these kulfi sticking on long sticks for Rs. 1/- each (now its Between Rs. 15-20 each) . Those days ice creams were a dream and we use to relish kulfi's more then anything. Yesterday while i made this and took a bite i went back to my memory lane and tried to feel the same as i were a small baby but suddenly my son came snatched kulfi matki from hand and my memories went poooof. Reality is i am not a kid, i haaaaave kids who remind me my childhood days. Hmmmm now back to the reality. This kulfi came out so delicious. I made it restaurant style where they serve it with falooda sev. I don't have falooda sev so used bombino vermicelli and it worked so well. 
You can make them for parties as kulfi can be set overnight to freeze and pink flooda sev can be prepared and kept in fridge for  next day use. Before serving you just have to unmold the kulfi and garnish with pink sev and dry fruits or fruits. Fore more convenient way you can set them in foil cups and before serving add pink sev and garnishing on top and serve. Believe me friends everybody will love it. Just try once and you will make it for every now and then.

For Kulfi
Milk- half ltr (3 cups)
Milk powder- 2 tbsp
Condense milk- 2 tbsp
Saffron- 5-6 strands
Almonds- 1 tbsp (crushed roughly)

For pink falooda sev
Vermicelli- 1/2 cup
Roohafza- 2 tbsp
Cold Water- 2 glasses

Ingredients for Kulfi

Ingredients for pink sev

First we will make kulfi
Heat milk in a large vessel

take out about 1 tbsp milk from it

add saffron strands in it

Now add condense milk in the milk we heating

and Milk powder
Let it boil

and boil on high for 5 minutes

Now take saffron infused milk

add in the boiling milk

Mix well and let it simmer

Now after boiling for 7-8 minutes it will be thick

Now add almonds, 
switch off the flame
 and let it cool down

Take your Molds 
i used to kulfi molds+one clay matki+2 foil cups

Pour milk in these molds

Cover them up

keep them in freezer for 4-5 hours
i kept them for whole day

Now we will prepare Pink Flooda Sev
Heat 2 glass water+1 tbsp oil in a vessel

when it starts boiling

add sev in it

within 2-3 minutes it will be done

Mix one cup water in roohafza

Now take some cold water

drown you cooked sev in it


again put them in cold water


now add roohafza water in it

 your pink beauty is ready

Take out your kulfi
All frozen

Remove it out from mold and put in a serving plate

sprinkle pink beauty on it

garnish with chopped almonds

bite for all my supporters

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  1. Use big and large vessel to boil milk as we will cook it at boiling point and there would be chances of spillage.
  2. You can add more milk powder and reduce condense milk or vise versa. 
  3. Cool down cooked milk completely before putting them in molds. 
  4. No need to add sugar as condense milk and milk powder will give enough sweetness to it. Please add more sugar if milk powder you are using is not sweet.
  5. You can add any chopped dry fruit in it. Pista will pair well.
  6. Freezing temperature is different in all fridges so freezing time can be vary. 
  7. You can use bombino vermicelli or any other sev available but it should not be salted one.
  8. While cooking sev, please check after every 30 seconds to ensure that it should not be over cooked as it takes few minutes to cook and overcooking them will make them mushy.
  9. After cooking sev put them in chilled water for more batter results as it will prevent them from sticking if not then normal cold water will work too.