Monday, 28 April 2014

Mocha Icing/ Chocolate and Coffee Icing/ Icing for Chocolate and Coffee Lovers

Mocha Icing/
Chocolate and Coffee Icing/
Icing for Chocolate and Coffee Lovers
Hi Friends,
I you love coffee and chocolate or you can say Mocha Coffee or cake then you will definitely going to love it. I have made this MOCHA CAKE few days back when i was thinking to keep that simple without icing then i though what about a Mocha Cake covered with Mocha Icing. And started making but there was still a doubt if it doesn't taste good or chocolate suppress the taste of coffee and all kind of doubts. But still in my heart there was a confidence of success of this icing so i went ahead. I was awestruck with the result. It was so yumm that i can have it as it is. No need of cake or dessert. You can use it to top up your ice cream truffle parfait etc.  If you gnat to make it for parties then make it be forehead and store in fridge. So conclusion is that Combo become instant hit and everybody started fighting to keep one piece safe for their next day's lunch box. So finally i made equal pieces for everybody. I will suggest you to try it once.

Dark Chocolate- 150gm or 1 cup chopped
Milk- half cup or as required
Coffee- 2 tsp 

Take all your ingredients

Melt chocolate by double boiling method

Boil the milk 

Now take coffee powder in a bowl 

add some hot milk 

mix it till coffee dissolves fully and foam appears 
(You can also give it a boil to fully dissolve it)

Now both beauties are ready to get married

slowly add coffee mix to melted chocolate 

Whisk it for almost 2-3 minutes 

Ready to decorate a cake


After keeping in fridge for 10 minutes

i can have it like this 
a spoonful straight in the mouth

cake covered with mocha icing

A mocha cake with mocha icing 
a cake for coffee and chocoholic 
see here for recipe of mocha cake

Enjoy a Slice
  1. Use hot water to make coffee solution as we are not going to cook it after mixing it in chocolate so it should not taste raw.
  2. You can increase or decrease the quantity of coffee in it as per your choice.
  3. You can make this icing without coffee also.
  4. You can add sugar but as i have used chocolate in it that was sweet enough but if you feel sugar is less you can add 1 tbsp in it. 
  5. For pouring consistency you can warm it a bit and to make it thick for piping simply keep in fridge for some time.
  6. Use it on desserts, ice creams, cakes, custard etc.
Hope you will like it

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