Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easy Fruit Cream with whipped Cream/ Fruits in Chilling Pool of Cream/ Summer Special

Easy Fruit Cream with whipped Cream/
Fruits in Chilling Pool of Cream/
Summer Special
 Hi Friends,
I am here with a easy,quick and refreshing recipe.  A great easy peasy creamy cooling dish to serve as dessert after a meal instead of ice cream or to cool down in scorching summery evening or you can have it any time of the day. A crowd pleaser recipe which can be whipped easily at the time of party if needed more. It is best served chilled.
 My kids finished it in no time. You can make it with fresh cream or with whipped cream. I used whipped cream which already has sugar in it. If using fresh cream you have to chill it and whip it with powdered sugar. Chill in the fridge and your dessert is ready in minutes. 
Hope you will enjoy it. 

Whipped Cream or fresh cream - 1 cup
Sugar- 1/4 cup (if using fresh cream)
Fruits of your choice- 1 cup

Take all your ingredients
if using fresh cream then whip it till desired consistency

wash, peel and chop fruits

Take cream in a bowl

whisk it a bit

add chopped fruits

Mix and put in fridge to chill



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  1. If using frees cream then mix sugar and cream and whip till you get then desired consistency.
  2. Choose fruits you like. to make it more colorful add contrast colored fruits like strawberry, kiwi, mango etc.
  3. Make it for parties whip cream a day ahead and freeze chop fruits and you just have to mix them at the time of party, or even you make extra which can be turned in dessert in no time. 
  4. Best served Chilled.
Hope you will like it

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