Friday, 11 April 2014

Atay ka Halwa/ Gehu ke Atay ka Halwa/ Dessert with Wheat Flour and A REQUEST TO CAST YOUR VOTE

Atay ka Halwa/
Gehu ke Atay ka Halwa/
Dessert with Wheat Flour
Hi Friends,
Election Mania is in the air. Roads, buses, metro, poles, Radio, TV is flooded with the candidates appeal to vote for their parties. I request all of you to cast your vote to whom you think will be the best candidate for your state and country. Its question of future of you and your kids. So vote unbiased. Here I am posting a delicious halwa which ingredients are always there in the pantry. So if any time you sweet tooth starts craving for something sweet as you don't have to look for ingredients. Or if some unexpected guests come and you don't have access to any sweet then go for it. Only drawback is that you need to keep an eye on it while cooking and keep stirring all the time. Then here is one option you can roast flour before head and keep it in air tight container for later use. 
It was vanished as soon as i served it. Kids loved it and asked for more. Hope you will also like it.

Wheat Flour- 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water- 2 cups
Ghee- one cup
Almonds- 1 tbsp (or any other dry fruit like raisin/cashew etc.)

Take all your ingredients

crush almonds

Heat water in a pan

add sugar and crushed cardamom

let boil till sugar dissolves


Now heat 3/4 cup of ghee in a big vessel

melt it

add flour and start roassting

see color is changing

roast on slow flame

nice aroma will be filled in your kitchen

now add sugar water in this roasted flour

slowly and carefully as it will splutter a lot

now mix it
break lumps if any

keep stirring until you get the desired consistency

now add rest of the ghee

see its done
it will thicken as soon as it will cool down

add crushed almonds


 shining delicious halwa is ready



  1. Don't compromise on ghee/clarified butter if you want to relish authentic halwa. 
  2. You can skip the cardamom if you don't prefer it.
  3. Be careful adding hot sugar water in roasted flour as it will bubble a lot. So please be cautious and do it slowly and carefully. 
  4. When you will mix sugar water in roasted flour it may form lumps. Don't worry break them with the help of back of the spoon.
  5. It will be runny even if its done, don't worry it will thicken once cooled down. 
Hope you will like it

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  1. Awesome and delicious looking halwa. Excellent preparation.