Monday, 25 February 2013

Tortilla/ Flat Bread for Wraps and Rolls/ Chapati for Wraps and Rolls

Flat Bread for Wraps and Rolls/
Chapati for Wraps and Rolls
Hi Friends,
Its long time i have posted any recipe to my blog. I was badly missing this part of my life. I was going through a seasonal phase of life which comes almost every 4-5 months when season changes. All family members are suffering from viral. I am not able to cook elaborated menu and stuck to normal daal-sabzi. Feeling very week and restless. So today i am here with a recipe from my draft. I hardly have recipes in my draft as whatever i cook i post that next day. But this one was laying in my draft to fulfill this phase of my life. Now before you get sick of my talk move to the recipe.
I wanted to try tortilla since long to make some wraps for my kids. Tortillas are made of so many kind of flours like corn flour, all purpose flour, wheat flour etc. It was first time i was trying my hands on it so i mixed two flours. My hubby bought Five grain flour so i used that and added half of the all purpose flour. It came out good but i felt bit hard to roll them down thin. But it had sufficient thickness as i wanted them bit thick so that while having them they should not tear apart. Next time i will try to make them thin. You can make them ahead and freeze them for further use. It can be so handy. You can use leftover sabzi (dry dish) for filling and quick snacks or lunch box is ready to go. Try them guys these are so quick.

Multi Grain flour- 1/2 cup
All purpose flour- 1/2 cup
Oil- 1 tbsp
Salt- 1/2 tsp
Water- as needed

gather your ingredients

Mix both flours

add oil

mix with your fingers

add water and start mixing them to make dough

it will come together like this

knead in a smooth dough

all come together

cover and let it rest for 15 min

after 15 min it will be soft and pliable

take a small portion and make a ball

roll it as thin as possible

now heat a skillet/tawa and start cooking it

turn and cook from both sides

till the dark spots appears


Ready to fill them with some healthy stuffing

  1. You can choose any flour with any ratio to make tortilla like you can make it with only wheat flour or with all purpose flour.
  2. You can make them in advance and keep them wrapped in sling film in fridge. Remove and thaw before using. 
  3. Don't make them too thin as they will tear after filling it.
  4. You can make them in any size like small to big as per your choice.