Friday, 15 February 2013

Strawberry Chunk jam

Strawberry Chunk jam
Hi Friends,
Hope you all enjoyed yesterday with your loved ones. I too enjoyed it with my hubby. We had lunch together and he bought me a nice gift. He was happy to see the cake i made for him. I also bought gifts for my kids. They were also very happy. Finally i day ended with happiness of unwrapping gifts and sharing it with each other. Now to the recipe. I made this jam yesterday. I saw this jam on Anu's fabulous blog divinetaste. I liked it very much. I made few changes according to my preferences. 
I wanted to make a jam with thick consistency which can be used to top a cake/pie/tart. Its so easy peasy jam. I made it within 15 min excluding resting time. I wanted to make it earlier to top my Valentine's day cake but busy schedule didn't let me do that so i used normal jam for yesterday's cake recipe. Now i am planning to make a cheese cake. I will use this jam to top that. Lets see what will be outcome. Till then enjoy this jam with the goodness of fruits in it.


Strawberry- 250gm
Sugar - 200 gm
Lemon - 1 big

take your ingredients

wash and hull the straberries

dry them with kitchen cloth or wipe them with some tissues

chop them in any size you prefer
You can puree them if you want spreadable jam

add sugar

mix well

Leave it aside for 30 min-1 hour (i left it overnight)

see sugar has melted and strawberries are floating

Start heating them on medium flame

with a spoon remove the foam appearing on it 

keep on stirring

see its turning shiny red

 DONE within 10 min

Cool it completely

add lemon juice

Mix well 

store in completely dry container
(Preferably glass container)

  1. You can add sugar equal to strawberry or even lessen to them according to the taste of strawberries and your preference.
  2. You can chop half strawberries and puree the rest to make chunky jam.
  3. Resting time of strawberry and sugar will lessen your cooking time. You can keep them for 15 min to 1 hour.
  4. Add lemon juice when jam is cooled completely.
  5. Don't cook jam for longer time otherwise it will harden.
  6. Store it preferably in completely clean and dry glass container.