Saturday, 16 February 2013

Plain Hakka Noodles-Less Spicy Version

Plain Hakka Noodles-Less Spicy Version
Hi Friends,
These days i am making plans of upcoming birthday's of my kids,  sis, bro-in-law and mine also. There are lots and lots of ideas floating in my mind and i am not able to choose one of them. Most difficult is for kids. Having twins sometimes makes me mad. Choosing theme of their cakes while keeping in mind their pole apart interests and liking's is biggest task for me these days. I am googling so many sites to have the idea of cakes and still don't know what i am going to bake for them.  Hey guys if you have any idea regarding this please share it with me. May be i will bake a doll cake for my sweetie pie and a cricket based cake for my grass hoppers (he never sits at one place). But i am least sure about this. Lack of time and skills showing me a fear of failure as these kind of cakes needs lots of time patience and skills and i lack all of them. Lets see what happens. 
Now to today's recipe. Kids asked me to make plain hakka noodles for them with no extra ingredients. I thought to add veggies in it but my fridge shelf was empty. Then i instructed them that they will have fruits and there milk first if they want this kind of noodles. They agreed and did the same and then i served them these noodles and they enjoyed that a lot as it was not having spices in it. You can add spices in it as per your preferences. I boiled noodles at night and kept in fridge and made next day. This way noodles become non sticky as they dried up completely. If you are cooking noddles at the same time then it will take hardly 30 min to complete the process. Other wise it will take hardly 10 min to make them. Try it guys its so quick and yummy noodles.


Hakka Noodles- half pack cooked (see method here)
Onion- 1 small - chopped (you can use white part of spring onion too)
Spring onion (green part)- 1 tbsp chopped 
Vinegar- 1 tsp
Salt-as per your taste

Gather your ingredients

take 2 tsp oil in a large skillet (preferably iron skillet)

add chopped onion and half green spring onion

toss them for 10 seconds

add boiled noodles

and add soya sauce

toss well for 4-5 seconds

add vinegar and salt and toss again for few seconds




  1. Keep ready all ingredients before starting the cooking as you will need all ingredients within seconds. 
  2. You can use normal vegetable oil to make the noodles.
  3. You can skip onion in it and use white and green part of spring onion.
  4. Add your favorite veggies to add a nice crunch and color.
  5. You can add chilly sauce, red or chopped green chilly. i made it for kids so avoided all spices.
  6. Increase vinegar and soya sauce if you like the flavor.