Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My First Experience of Decorating Cakes with Butter-cream Icing/ My first experience with cake Decoration/ Vanilla Cake with Butter-cream Icing

My First Experience of Decorating Cakes with Butter-cream Icing/ 
My first experience with cake Decoration/
Vanilla Cake with Butter-cream Icing
Hi Friends,
Today i am very happy. Lots of birthday's are coming in the row, My kids, sis, bro-in-law and mine. See how many cakes i am suppose to bake and it is more challenging as there is no gap between these birthdays all are in row. So before starting baking i wanted to practice some decoration patterns which i am craving to try very badly. I was always very much impressed with the whipped cream icing which bakery people use.
My journey for decorating cakes started about 1.5 years back when i started to search for whip cream as its not easily available in Delhi.  Searching for this cream took whole 5-6 months and finally i found a man who supplies cool whip to the bakeries. somehow i agreed him to send a packet for me. It was 1 ltr pack and if its opened then should be used within three days. It seems easy but when i started whipping it, i whipped and whipped and whipped and it become more and more thin. I dropped my hands and somehow used whole box for other things. In between i started experimenting with chocolate and found it very easy. But still i was a beginner. I frosted and filled cakes with chocolate sauce and ganache. 
Decoration bug again bitten me last year and i bought a piping bag which comes with 5 nozzles. I filled it with chocolate icing and my whole kitchen become a mess. I was least aware about the consistency of icing. I dropped the idea and satisfied myself looking at the pictures of beautifully decorated cakes. But few days back again the gathered courage to try my hands on icing. I read hundreds of icing recipes and chose one very easy butter-cream icing. as i don't have whipping machine i used my hands and did it in intervals. still the result was good. I gathered courage and filled my piping bag very carefully. tried making design in a plate and my heart jumped with joy when i saw beautiful design coming out of the nozzle. I used three different nozzles to try my hands. I kept on decorating the cake without realising that cake is so small and icing is very sweet. After finishing whole icing i realised that cake is   over decorated but still my kids liked it very much. My hubby said its too sweet but don't know why i felt it was not too much sweet (may be my sweet tooth liked it very much). 

I want to thanks all my readers and fellow bloggers because of you people in spite of so many failures i gathered courage again and again to decorate my cakes. Finally i did it. I know its not even close to the perfection but still i am happy with the outcome.THANK U ALL

Vanilla Cake - See Here
Only change i made was used APF (Maida) for this cake.
For Icing- See Here

I made this small cake for decoration.

Butter cream icing

I torte (cut in half horizontally) cake and applied icing and sprinkled tutti fruity

I smoothed the top with knife 

After frosting the cake i added 1/2 tsp milk and colour in the icing for decoration

I wrote names of my kids on the plate as cake was not having space to write names :)

It was yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Have a slice

  1. My cake was sweet and icing was also sweet. So it become too sweet. Please keep in mind the ratio of sugar in icing and cake to make perfectly sweet cake.
  2. After frosting cake i added 1/2 tsp milk and color in the icing. it become bit loose. That is why decoration is not that perfect but stiff icing will make it perfect so don't make this mistake to thin the icing before piping.
  3. I over decorated the cake as it was a practice cake. Don't do this if making for someone as name of the birthday guy/gal also need some space on the cake.




  1. very very yummy n good icing...very nice effort...

  2. Neatly done:) n finger licking cake:)

  3. You are the queen of your kitchen so think always you are the best. By the way your cake looks perfect and delicious.

  4. Delicious and lovely cake. Pics are amazing.