Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bread Sticks with Honey and Sesame Seeds

Bread Sticks with Honey and Sesame Seeds
Hi Friends,
Yesterday it was raining heavily in Delhi. Whole night it was raining and thunder of clouds scared me a lot. After dinner my hubby asked me to make something to munch upon. If i am having bread in my hand then there are few quick fix recipes in my draft. One of them i was craving was bread sticks with honey and sesame seeds. These sticks are so flexible. 

Mostly i make them with brown bread to make it healthy but this time i was having white bread so i went ahead with that. You can make them savory too. Hardly 10 min job and you are done with the snacks. You can have it plain, with tea/coffee, with some sweet or savory dip, chocolate sauce or with soup. options are endless. I like it dunked in hot soup or coffee. My kids and hubby enjoy them very much.


Bread - 3
Honey - 1 tbsp
Sesame seeds- 2 tsp


cut the bread in sticks

heat a tawa and arrange your sticks on it

cook fro both sides

until crisp form both sides

take them in a bowl

drizzle honey 

see how shiny the become

sprinkle sesame seeds

toss again

ready to serve

Hmmmmm yum yum

My son did this

Hubby's choice

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  1. Posting sesame is essential. Dry roast them for 1 min or until they puff up a bit. then use.
  2. You can choose any of your favorite bread to make it.
  3. You can use your oven to bake them. i prefer stove top method.
  4. You can apply butter on bread and then bake them on tawa. I mostly bake them dry.
  5. Sesame seeds are optional but it will add nice crunch and make them more healthy.
  6. You can also sprinkle some crushed dry fruits on top to make it more appealing.





  1. Wow!this is a super easy n yum recipe....

  2. very easy and a quick recipe.

  3. such a quick and delicious recipe!!! very innovative!!! bookmarking this!!
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  4. I too have this in my blog..goes well with soups

  5. Bread Sticks with Honey and Sesame Seeds. Mostly i make them with brown bread to make it healthy but this time i was having white bread so i went ahead with that. sesame seeds