Friday, 2 November 2012

HAPPY KARWA CHAUTH with Veg Sandwich with Green Sauce/ Sandwich with Hari Chatni

Veg Sandwich with Green Sauce/ 
Sandwich with Hari Chatni 

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Today i will not say much. Today is KARWACHOUTH. If you are not aware about this FAST then please Read this. If you are still confused abiout this fast then see MOVIE- KABE KHUSHI KABE GAM . I have not taken water since morning and my throat is just like dry well. At night when moon will appear i will see moon through a sieve and then my husband, then he will give me water. You must be thinking that i just have to write things here then why i am talking about not saying anything. But friends its as like i am speaking to you as i write all these things. So friends today i am leaving you here with a very simple and healthy sandwich which is favorite of my kids and hubby. Don't get confused with the white bread in the recipe. White bread has its own goodness Read this. So i am heading towards home to prepared for evening pooja and Karwachauth Thaali (Dinner platter to enjoy after fast). Till then enjoy this sandwich. And please pray for my Camera. its not fixed yet. Missing badly.(for this women are famous- saying i will not say anything and then saying that much) heheheheh.

Bread- 6 (white, wheat, multigrain)
Green Chatni- as needed
Cucumber- 1 Big (sliced)
Tomato-1 medium (sliced)
Onion- 1 medium (sliced)
Salt - 1 tsp

Grab your ingredients

Arrange 2 slices in a plate

Apply green chatni

Arrange slices according to your choice
(i placed tomato first then onion and cucumber)

Cover with another slice



  1. Choose any of you favorite sauce.
  2. Choose your favorite veggie.
  3. You can chaat masala, chilly pdr etc. for more spicy version.
  4. You can slightly toast the bread on griddle, but i like it this way only.



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