Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Scrumptious Pizza Sandwich

Scrumptious Pizza Sandwich
Hi Friends,
Hope you all are enjoying your life. I know these days i am disappointing my readers. Its not like that that i don't have time for my blog or i am not cooking anything. Its all about my camera. Its not fixed and by the time i cook something my hubby is not there so mobile camera is also out of my reach. Can't tell you how i feel when i am sitting in front of my blog but not able to update anything. This feeling is same as you are hungry and food is in front of you but you can't have it.
But friends all these circumstances can not stop me posting here. I know it would be a very poor quality pictures but still helpful  to understand the recipe better as without pictures i hesitate to post any recipe. I will ask you to try it once, if you like pizza and grilled sandwiches or cheese then you will love it. Hardly takes 15-20 min to make so easy that kids can make it. You can have it in breakfast or snacks also. Try it guys.

Pizza Base- I used Ready made Medium size
Cheese- 3 Tbsp (see notes)
Onion-1 medium chopped finely
Tomato- 1 medium chopped finely
Paneer- 2 tbsp
Oregano- 3 tsp
Tomato Sauce- 4 tbsp
Salt- as per your taste

Grab your ingredients

Mix tomato onion paneer salt and 2 tsp oregano in a bowl

Take one pizza base and slit from center

Place the bottom part of  pizza base on a plate and apply sauce

Sprinkle little cheese

Apply onion tomato mix and top with loads of cheese and oregano

Now take top part of pizza base and apply sauce

Cover it up and apply butter on it

Grill them
(you can also pan fry them)


  1. Increase/decrease or omit onion, tomato and paneer as per your taste.
  2. You can pan fry these sandwiches instead of grill.
  3. Don't use 2 pizza base to make a sandwich as it will be quite hard to chew instead slit them to enjoy real cheesy sandwich.




  1. Appreciate your dedication to the blog!! Do not worry... things will get resolved soon!!! and yes this pizza sandwich is soo good!!!

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