Friday, 30 November 2012

Quick Chocolate Sauce/Basics

Quick Chocolate Sauce
Hi Friends,
If you are a dessert person or having a very bad sweet tooth then this recipe is a keeper for you and if your sweet tooth is not that much active then still this is useful for you.It takes hardly 10 min to make this sauce. As you know you i have a very bad sweet tooth. I crave for sweet stuff almost daily and want something quick.So for this reason or so i made my own chocolate sauce which can be used in any cake, cupcake,dessert like i can drizzle it on Caramelized or Grilled fruits, fill sweet sandwiches,sewaiyan,use as dip for fruits,to coat biscuits, frost or make cakes or cupcakes, wooooow lots of uses of a simple and quick sauce.I usually make it and store in fridge. I kept it as longer as one month in the fridge and there was no difference in the taste.Usually i store them in a steel airtight container and keep in fridge so that i can slightly heat it up and sauce is ready within minutes. You can use your microwave bowl to store and warm it up as required.

Any chocolate - 100 gm
Milk - 2-3 tbsp or as needed

Take milk and chocolate
(break or crush chocolate in pieces) 

Heat milk in a pan

Add  chopped or crushed chocolate
(i did mistake by not breaking the chocolate so it took long to melt it, don't be like me)

It will start melting

switch off the gas and mix it vigorously


Use it as per your requirement

Drizzle on fruits

make sewaiyan

fill sandwiches

on cakes

  1. Use milk accordingly, like if you want runny consistency then add 1 tsp milk and mix again and if it become more runny then required then add more chopped chocolate.
  2. After cooling down the sauce become thick so adjust milk accordingly.
  3. You can add 1 tsp honey for different.
  4. Store in airtight container in fridge.



  1. ooooo!!!! i am so drooling here!! simple and yummy recipe!!

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    1. thanks sowmya, you are always first to see and comment on my recipes. thanks a lot dear. I would love to try your cream of tomato soup.

  2. love the step by step tutorial. totally works for chocoholics like me

  3. chocoholic indeed :) yum and love the variations dear