Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bread Caramel Pudding/ Kids Special

Bread Caramel Pudding/
Kids Special
Hi Friends,
Finally i made this pudding. So many times bought bread to make this sweet treat but never got courage to try my hands on caramel. After reading recipes on so many blogs i realized that you have to keep some points in mind and everything else will fall on place itself like you should be careful and quick while making caramel and after steaming the dish, remove it in a plate/tray before it cools down completely otherwise it will stick with the pan (mine was sticking with pan still we scratched it out and relished). Everything else is just child's play. Even my daughter helped me in mixing bread, sugar and milk. You can make it one night before and have it next day as did, i packed few pieces in kid's lunch box and they loved that.
You can use any bread like white bread/milk bread/brown bread for this pudding but prefer milk bread. Adding essence is optional but recommended as it will give nice flavor to the pudding. You can make it night before and serve next day but keep in mind that you have to store it in a cool place but not in the fridge as caramel will harden. My kids and i loved it so much. They had it after dinner, in lunch interval at school and even after coming back from school. Try it guys you will also love it.


Milk- 1 cup (approximate)
Sugar-2 tbsp
Vanilla/Rose Essence

Gather your ingredients

take a bowl and break bread in pieces

throw in 1 tbsp sugar

Add milk little by little and mix with bread

mash it with back of the spoon and mix well

now add some essence

Mix well

Now prepare your steamer by 
adding 2 cups water and putting a stand in vessel

keep ready a pan to steam the dish

Now we will make caramel
Take a pan and put sugar in it

it wills tart melting

all melted

Pour it immediately in pan

add bread-milk mix and level with a spoon

cover it with foil paper

make some holes to escape steam

cover and steam for 15-20 minute


after 2-3 minute Invert it in a plate

I did the mistake of letting it cool down completely and then put it in fridge for 2 minute and result you can see below
still we scratched it off and relished it was yumm

Still pudding was so tempting


 drizzled caramel sauce over it 
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  1. while you are done with mixing of sugar+milk+bread then before proceeding towards making caramel keep everything ready like switch on steam vessel, pan to pour caramel etc.
  2. You need to work fast while caramelizing sugar and pouring it in the pan. 
  3. You can any essence like kewra/vanilla/rose as per your choice or even make it without any.
  4. You can serve this dish with any of your favorite sauce like chocolate/caramel etc.
  5. After steaming wait for 2-3 minute and invert the it immediately in plate/tray. otherwise caramel will cool down and stick to the pan.