Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Quick Fix Side Dish


Hello friends,

Don't you feel that Life is soo fast these days, everybody is running around. even food is now called FAST FOOD. Ppl are so busy but they do not  compromise when it comes to food. My son who is a fussy eater, do not touch his plate if he find something non appealing food in his plate.
For a working mom like me it is a challenge to make something quick and tasty so that he can have a bite from his plate. He like junk food, burger, pizza, pasta french fries and all those things which I don't want to see him eating. So lets move to today's recipe which is a quick fix as a side dish for dinner or lunch. I made it last night when DH asked me to make something quick. How can I say no to him, and the remarkable point is that my son liked it. An achievement for me.
So here the recipe goes:-

Onion                   -  5-6
Tomato                 - 5-6
Salt                       -  As per your taste (I used one tsp)
Chat masala          - 1 tsp
Amchoor Powder - 1 tsp
Oil                        - 3tbsp

Recipe :-
Take your ingredients

Peal the onions and cut top part of tomato

Mix salt amchoor powder and chat masala
Slit onions and tomatoes from top but keep the bottom intact

Now with the help of knife or with hands fill the masala in tomatoes and onions

 All done

Now heat oil in pan or kadai

 Put onion and tomatoes in pan one by one (be carefull as it may sizzle a bit)

After 10 minutes - stuff goes mushy (if u have some leftover masala after filling, u can sprinkle on the stuff at this stage)

 Ready to serve - Garnish it with coriander

A sigh of relief for me when my son had it

  1. You can make this stuff with only amchoor and salt.
  2. My kids do not touch food if there is chilly in that. so i avoid it in my food.  You can add any spice like red chilly,green chilly,  turmeric powder etc.
  3. Tomatoes tends to cook faster so if u like them less mushy add onion and first and then add tomatoes in pan after 5-7 minutes.
  4. You can cook onions for more 5 minutes if u don't like the raw smell.
  5. You can garnish it with coriander and lemon juice at the end (i do not have either in my hand)
  6. You can make this dish with tomato or onion only.


  1. Wow...!!!!! Madhu..... its looks so yummy....

  2. wow!!! dekhkar muh me paani aa gaya...very spicy n yummy recipie.