Friday, 8 June 2012

About Me


I am a Mother of twin Kids. Wife of a Sports Person. PARI is my daughter and CASH is my son. I have given them these names. I am a Pure Vegetarian. Even I do not take eggs. My blog is dedicated to my kids and husband. I love to cook for my husband and kids. Seeing them enjoying my food is biggest asset. My love with cooking started when i was in 6th Standard. From 10th class onward i started cooking for quests. Yes, that much i loved cooking.

Two years back i started searching blogs, different kind of food attracted me so much. And one major change or interest which started banging in my head was BAKING. I wasfascinated by the pictures of Bread, Cake, Pizza, Rolls etc. I was eagerly waiting to try my hands on all goodies. I never ever though that one day i will be baking cakes and breads.

I do not have any OVEN so i tried lot of ways to replace this electric gadget. Its not like that i can not buy one. But there are some personal reasons behind that. Then i discovered my old cooker as oven. Now i can bake anything. My friends tasted my food and encouraged me to start a blog.

So with much enthusiasm i started my blog. All pictures and all constants are my own. So please take permission before using them. I will be glad to share my things with you. Please leave a comment or suggestion to encourage and improve my skills in cooking.

I hope you will like my space.



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  2. Hey Pari,
    Just have a suggestion to your blog. If you work on the template and make enhancements, you will be able to make it more attractive. I am also a food blogger like you and if you need help, just let me know

  3. Hello Mam,

    Thank you so much for sharing healthy and new Dishes. I was always searching for dishes without Oven as i have no oven too. :( I found your blog and i was so happy to see all recipe for that i was looking for. The best thing is that you are posting picture with recipe so that every one can understand easily. Please keep sharing..