Monday, 25 June 2012


Hello frnds,

Welcome back, its so nice to come back after one week. busy schedule didn't let me post anything. I know i promised to post a baking recipe, but somehow didn't got time to do that, will post it soon.
So who says sunday is a holiday, i think a working woman like me, sunday is a day when you have more work then others days of the week.
Yesterday some guests arrived and i was supposed to make a elaborated meal for them. and i did,
i cant tell you at the end of the day, how tired i was. But praises from guests for food made my day. it feels nice when somebody enjoys food made by you. i think its a very nice way to show your love to someone.
So i made chatpate chole, matar paneer, boondi raita, salad, jeera rice, sookhi bhindi and chapati.
I have taken the pictures in hurry as everybody was waiting for lunch.
So here goes the recipee for chatpate chole:--

White Chana(chole) -  about 4 cups
Onion                        - 4-5 medium
tomato                       - 4-5 medium
Sookha Dhania          - 2 tsp (whole) crushed
Ginger                       - 2 inch piece
Grlic                          - 8-10 pods
Green chilly              - 2-3
Red Chilly                - 1 tsp
Toamto Puree           - 2 tbsp
curry patta                - 4-5 leaves
Cumin seeds             - 1 tsp
Salt                           - 4 tsp (as per taste)
Amchoor Powder     - 2tsp


Soak white chana in 10 cups of water for 5-6 hours. (I soaked them at night as it saves fuel)  and then boil them with sufficient water. It will double in quantity.

Take onion, chilly, ginger, garlic

Ingradients-puree them and puree tomato separate

Heat 3 tbsp oil

throw cumin seeds and crushed sookha dhania

 after 2-3 seconds add pureed onion mix

let it brown

add tomato puree

 mix well

 add all spices

 add tomato puree

 mix well

cover and let it simmer for 2-3 min, oil will be saperated

 Now add 3-4 cups hot water (you can use water from boiled chana if any)

cover and Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes

oil will be separeted

 leave one cup chana in the bowl

 and add all else in the greavy

Now mash the chana with a ladle

add that also in the greavy

Now cover it and let it simmer for 10-15 min.

Ready to serve

Its a greavy based chana so you can serve it with chapati or rice.


1. You can increase the quantity to amchoor and chilly powder to make it more spicy.
2. Omit tomato puree or decrease the quantity of amchoor if you want to make it simple greacy chana.
3. If you are making chole bhature then use less water and make it bit dry.

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