Friday, 29 June 2012

Chai Shai/
Cardamom-basil-ginger flavored Tea/
Home remedy for Cough & Cold

Hi Frnds,

Hope you all are doing well. Its for all tea lovers like my hubby. All he need in the morning is a cup of tea and newspaper (i hate when he takes newspaper in his hand). Hope he is not reading this. I never drank tea, so do not know the exact flavor of a good tea. i tried so much, that one day my husband will say wow nice tea. but i felt that it happens rarely. Then I become determined to make tea for him which will make him nod his head (if he likes anything he just nod his head and see me).

So tell me your version of your hubby's fav tea or coffe. till them enjoy my version of tea.
Enjoy chai in every morning.

Water           - 4 cups
Milk              - 1 cup
Tea Leaves   - 2 tsp
Suger             - 3 tsp
Basil (Tulsi)   - 4-6 (fresh or dried) i used fresh
Ginger           - 1 small piece
Cardamom    - 3-4

Take your ingredients

Boil water in a pan

crush ginger and cardamom 

Throw basil cardamom and ginger in water

Cover and let it boil for 1 min

Now throw Tea leaves

Cover again( not fully covered-see pic) let it simmer for 1 min

Now pour milk in it

cover again (not fully)Let it simmer for few seconds

Chai is ready to serve with breakfast (or newspaper)


  1. You can make simple chai/tea also or with any one or two ingredients(cardamom/basil/ginger)
  2. Covering after every step in advised at-least at first step, if you want full flavour of all ingredients.
  3. Adjust sugar to your taste.
  4. Adjust tea leaves according to your taste. For more strong tea add halt tsp more.



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