Friday, 25 September 2015

How to cook Quinoa/ Quinoa/ Super food Quinoa

How to cook Quinoa/
Super food Quinoa

Hi Friends,
As said in my previous post that after a continuous sweet dose of recipes i will post a non sweet recipe and i m here with super food QUINOA. Few months back i was not aware about this super grain. but my DH who is a fitness freak asked me to get that for him and i very eagerly went to a grocery shop asking for quinoa and they happily handed me over the packet which was hardly 200-300gm and the amount was Rs. 350/- i was not shocked but bit amazed that why this tiny thing costs so much.                

Uncooked Quinoa

          Cooked Quinoa            
Then my search began and i found that these tiny grains are one of the super food. You can read about it here. I searched a lot and found that making it is more easy then making boiled rice. So today morning i tried and it took me 10 minutes to get fully cooked and fluffy quinoa. You can make pulao, salad and many other things with it. best part is you can have it as it is. means just boil it with water salt and some chilly powder/peprika/chilly flakes and that it. what can be more quick on a busy morning and thats more great to know that you are having a super quick super food in a bowl. So friends i will be here with more recipes till then learn how to cook it and try it at home. 

Quinoa - 1/2 cup
Water- 1 cup
Salt- 1/4 or as per your taste

Take the ingredients

add water and salt in a pan

start heating it

when its warm add your super food

some will float and some will sit in the bottom

stir them to mix properly

Now put the flame on high and give it a boil

Now after a boil
 sim the gas and cover it and cook for 2 minutes

uncover and again cover and cook for 2 minutes

Now you can see that tiny grains starts swelling up

Now uncover and cook &keep stirring in between

Its almost cooked

Now its up to you that you can cook it for more one minutes and dry up all the water or keep it more moist and juicy

all water dried up
now fluff it with a fork, like we do for rice
(you can make it more drier by heating for few more seconds but i tasted and felt it was perfectly fine to have it like this)

see how fluffy it is


It was light Nutty and Juicy
  1. Ratio for cooking -take one part quinoa and 2 part water is best to get fully cooked and fluffed.
  2. In whole process you need to stir it and keep an eye as it may stick to the bottom at get burned. 
  3. If you want to enjoy it as it is then add few pinches paprika/red chilly powder/chilly flakes and sprinkle some oregano when cooked and enjoy as it is. 



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