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Sweet Boondi/ Mithi Boondi/ How to make sweet boondi

Sweet Boondi/
Mithi Boondi/
How to make sweet boondi 
Hi Friends,
This with the continuous series of Ganesh chaturthi special. Till now i have made many sweets to offer Ganesh ji. I know its overdose of sweet now so after this i will post something non sweet dish to change the taste buds :).  Till then enjoy this sweet boondi. 
You can have them any time any way. Means with tea/coffee/milk or have them as sweet treat after your meal, as evening snack or just satisfy your sweet tooth any time of day or even night ;). I never thought it would be that much easy. But it would be more easier if you accompany somebody while frying boondies, as you need to work fast from pouring batter on ladle then stirring and then draining our them. But if you are a cook means not a beginner then it would not be much difficult for you. 
Hope you will try it and let me know how it came out for you. 

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For Boondi-
Beasan/Chickpea Flour - 1/2 cup
Water- as needed
Oil- for frying+1 tsp

For Chasni/Sugar Syrup-
Water-1/2 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup
Cardamom- 2-3

Melon Seeds- 2 tsp
Cashews- 2 tsp

Required Vessels-
One perforated ladle 
One small spoon for spooning and making droplets of batter
One perforated or sieving ladle to drain the boondies from oil

Ingredients for batter

Take besan/chickpea flour in a bowl and add water slowly one tbsp at a time 

start mixing

make a flowing consistency batter

Now at last add one tsp oil

batter is ready
now cover and keep it aside for 15 minutes

We need these three things to add in boondi

dry roast melon seeds in a pan or kadai
it will hardly take 30 seconds

take them out

peel cardamom and take out the seeds

Chop cashews

Now take ingredients for chasni/sugar syrup

put sugar and water in a pan

Boil it 

till it reaches to one thread consistency 

i hope you can see the droplet making string

now switch off the flame and add cardamom seeds

Now these are the spoon/ ladle i used
first from right i kept for tiny boondi in case it does not came out from second ladle, third one is to drop the boondies and last three are to pour and make the droplets.

Now we will test the batter 
Heat oil

take back of a spoon dip it in the batter

drop it in the oil

see its almost round see notes
if batter is too thick then boondi will make a tail
if batter is too loose then it will deflate in the oil
so adjust the batter by adding little besan/chickpea flour or water
if batter is loose add one tsp flour in it and adjust the consistency 

Take a paper towel or tissue to drain the boondies

I was also doing first time so i also tried once and then in second time i took picture to post here the step

now stir the batter with a spoon carefully

see the round boondies

do not over fry them

drain on the tissue 

Now take all ingredients to make the boondies 

add seeds and nuts

all added

mix well
see the result of waiting too long 
it cool down in bowl itself

ready to serve

  1. My chasni/sugar syrup crossed one thread consistency and dried as soon as i dipped my boondies in it. as i hardly make sugar syrup i am not perfect in making it. so please care full and keep an eye on sugar syrup thread making. 
  2. Consistency of batter is very important for boondies. If batter is too thick then boondi will make a tail. then add one tsp water in it and again test. 
  3. Consistency of sugar syrup is also very important otherwise they will not dry up or become rock hard.
  4. Sugar syrup/chasni and boondies should be warm while dipping fried boondi in it.
  5. Fry boondies on medium flame. Low or high flame will ruin the taste and texture. Just cook them fro few seconds, do not let them be crisp.
  6. You can add a pinch of your favorite color to make them colorful. I prefer plain. So did not added any color. 
  7. You can make them simple boondies without adding seeds or dry fruits.


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