Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fruity Popsicle/ Strawberry and Kiwi Popsicle / Kids Special

Fruity Popsicle/
Strawberry and Kiwi Popsicle /
Kids Special
Hi Friends,
Few days back we were planing to go to some hill station to get relief from this scorching Delhi but when we saw temperature of Manali a famous hill station in India, we become shocked to see almost same temperature there. We postponed our plan and to lift up the mood I made these Popsicle. So yummy, fruity, sweet and tangy Popsicle needs hardly any time to prepare (excluding freezing time). You can make it with any of your favorite fruit or any clear drink as fruits will be visible and these sweet chilled candies will look more yummy and mouthwatering. So hurry up, try them guys. Your family will love it.

Any clear cold drink- 2 cups (I used Limca)
Any fruits - chopped small (i used strawberry and kiwi)

Chopped fruits and limca

thrwo in chopped fruits in your Popsicle mold

Fill it with Limca

put on the caps and freeze for 5 hours

all freeze

Now take out and run the lower portion under water for few seconds

Remove and enjoy

and yummy fruity tangy Popsicle are ready

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  1. You can use your favorite fruit and any clear drink to make these Popsicle. Clear drinks will make it see through and fruits will be visible to attract the kids.
  2. I wanted to make them some tangy, sweet and fruity so chose these fruits, you can skip them and experiment with any other fruit.
  3. Keep them in freezer for at least 5 hours or adjust the timing according to the capacity of your fridge. In my fridge it takes 3 hours to make them properly set while i adjust the temperature on coldest.





  1. Yummy and refreshing popsicle !!

  2. Delicious popsicle Love that fruity addition.

  3. Refreshing dear.. love it much...

  4. Yummilicious popsicle dear, wish i cud have it!

  5. Hi. I declared you the winner almost two days back but never heard from you. pls claim ur win in few hours else will pick new winner. Thanks.