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Eggless Doll Cake with Butter-cream icing/ Doll Cake for my kids Birthday/ Eggless Doll Cake/ Doll Cake

Eggless Doll Cake with Butter-cream icing/
Doll Cake for my kids Birthday/
Eggless Doll Cake/
Doll Cake
Hi Friends,
I am delighted to share this post with all of you. Its going to be a long post. So please bear with me. I never imagined that one day i will make a doll cake for my doll. I was determined to make these cakes for my kids birthday's (27-Feb) but i was clueless that how i am going to do it. I wanted to make a car cake for my son but i was absolutely confused with the shapes so choose his and his father's game-Cricket and made a bat-ball cake (recipe coming soon). I made this cake a night before and decorated next day afternoon. It took me total two hours to decorate two different cakes. I chose same colors for them. Orange is my son's favorite and green is my doll's color. So i used both colors in both cakes. It was a mixture of expressions while making these cakes like happiness, tears, overwhelm etc. When my daughter saw her cake her face delighted and she said-wow mom. and my son asked me-mom where is my cake? i am not a girl, i don't want to cut a doll cake. Then i took out his cake from fridge. and expression on there faces filled my eyes with tears. 
It was a great experience to bake and decorate these two cakes. 
There are lots of things i learned with this experience (see notes). Small things makes a big difference. You need lot of time to decorate the cake. Make a separate platform to decorate the cake. You need lots of need handy. Always keep extra icing paper napkins, kitchen towels, piping bags. You need lot of patience to do this. I was too tired after finishing decoration part. But expressions on my kid's faces took away all my tiredness. Hope you all will like it.

Dry Ingredients
All purpose Flour - 1.5 cups
Baking Soda- 3/4 tsp
Baking powder - 1.5 tsp

Wet Ingredients
Olive  Oil- 3/4 cup
Curd - 1 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Vanilla Essence-2 tsp

For Icing- See here

Dry Ingredients

Wet Ingredients

Prepare your tin by greasing with oil and dusting with flour

Sieve Dry Ingredients

Whisk curd in a bowl

Add olive Oil

Mix well

 Add sugar 

Mix again (no need to dissolve sugar)

Add vanilla essence

Whisk well again

Add sifted dry ingredients 
and make a smooth batter 
(You can adjust the consistency by adding 1 tsp milk at a time)

Tip in the prepared pan and bake for 30 min

beautifully baked cake

I chose this shape of pan to make dress of doll
You can choose any long or dome shaped pan, or you can bake 2-3 normal small cakes and stack them to make doll's long dress

I took a bog plate and placed upside down a quarter plate in it to make a platform to decorate the doll, then i placed my cake on it

I was bit hesitate to torte and fill the cake so i used whole cake (scared that layers might fall apart :)

I took whipped cream icing (see recipe here)

started covering my cake with it

The upper part should be in shape of flowing dress from waist so instead of using whole lot of icing i gathered some crumbled cake (see notes below) and placed on the top and then covered it with icing and shaped it like a gown

Covered from all sides (leave 1.5 inch space on top to make a hole to insert your doll

made a hole on top

after icing i shifted my cake to cake stand 
and inserted doll

Started decorating from down side
i chose orange and green color for the gown

Just used my imagination and started making gown

Then i decorated top part

Wrote my daughter name at the bottom 

Finally at the time of cutting inserted candles

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  1. If you are a beginner and going to attempt a shaped cake then always bake one extra small cake or 2-3 cupcakes as when we start carving or shaping cake them we can need them i was having a small cupcake with me which i used to cover top part of the gown.
  2. I chose All purpose flour as using multigrain or wheat flour might be risky to get a dense cake and can't afford a failure as i was suppose to bake almost 4 cakes. You can use any of the flours. Still i will suggest beginners to choose APF.
  3. I chose olive oil to give it a touch of healthy cake. You can use butter or vegetable oil as per your choice.
  4. It was first time so i scared of torte and fill cake, so i used this type of cake pan, you can bake 2-3 small cakes and stack them to make a gown. Will try next time.
  5. Always make whip cream, cover your cake, keep some extra icing aside then divide them and mix colors. 
  6. If you are a beginner then always keep 2 dolls of different sizes. as first my doll seems fine according to cake but when i inserted it it become small. So keep a dolls handy to use.
  7. Beginners please keep extra piping bags (disposables and cloth), paper napkins, kitchen towels handy with you. You will need them badly while decorating cake. 
  8. Always make extra icing, leftover can be used again.
  9. Always bake the cake night before so you can have lot of time to decorate the cake.





  1. pretty doll for the princess. Belated b'day greetings.

    Cake looks beautiful and you have done a good job.

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  6. Pari I admire your effort and enthusiasm, You made beautiful cakes, Belated birthday wishes to your princess and prince.

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  10. Thanks all for your nice comments and wishes for my price and princess.
    Shruti- thanks for new title. i love it.
    Sowmya-surely i am going to check it.

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  12. Awesome cake...cute doll..loved it.

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