Monday, 10 August 2015

Tooty Fruity Curd Cake with Whipped Cream/ Yogurt Tooty Fruity Cake

Tooty Fruity Curd Cake with Whipped Cream/
Yogurt Tooty Fruity Cake
Hi Friends,
I am back after a gap of few months. So howz everybody there. I almost left my blog for few months. Its not like that i did not wanted to carry on but there were lot of things which can not be explained in words here. So i am leaving all those reasons behind and move ahead refreshed with my blog. Crisis started as soon as i started again posting the recipe. My last recipe disappeared from the blog (i don't know how). It was a heartbreak. That post was specially for my son. I will repost it soon. About today's recipe it is a delicious cake with colorful tooty fruity in it which make it so appealing. This is a vanilla cake with curd/yogurt with colorful tooty fruity. You can have it simple as snack cake or decorate with your choice of icing. So without any delay move to the recipe. 

Wet Ingredients
Curd- 3/4 cups
Oil-1/2 cup
Sugar- 3/4 cups
Warm milk- as needed to adjust the consistency 

Dry Ingredients 
Flour - 1.5 cups
Baking Soda - 1 tsp
Baking Powder-1 tsp
Tooty Fruity-2 tbsp

For decoration
whip cream
Some Tooty Fruity
chocolate sauce- recipe here 


Firstly Take tooty Frooty in a bowl 

add some flour

coat them well

Now take your Wet Ingredients 

Cream them well
I have added 1 tsp vanilla, forgot to take the picture

Dry ingredients
Flour+baking pdr+baking soda

Sieve dry ingredients twice

Now add dry ingredients to wet ingredients 

make a smooth batter
you can use warm milk to adjust the consistency 

Add in coated tooty fruity

Mix gently 

pour it in a greased and dusted baking pan

My cake baked in 30 minutes

You can have this cake like this only. But i wanted to give it an extra punch so here we go for decoration part

 Few days back i saw this packet in a store. I never thought it will work. But i was amazed with the results. 

 empty packet and take powder in a bowl

Add 80 ml cold water

Start whipping on high speed

after 3 minutes stiff peaks formed
Now put it in fridge for 15 minutes of in freezer for 7 minutes

Cut cake in two parts

I have used some chocolate sauce for filling
It is thick as i made it one night in advance and kept it in fridge
(You can use same whipping cream for filling)

spread the filling

Cover with another piece
you can cover the cake with whipped cream but i wanted those cute colorful tooty fruity visible

decorate as per your choice

cake is ready to relish 

Have a slice

cutting it like this was the idea of my son. i loved it. Thanks sweetu

  1. You can make this cake without tooty fruity too.
  2. You can use butter/olive oil instead of normal vegetable oil.
  3. You can enjoy this cake without decorating. It would be great tea time snack. I made it for kids so wanted to decorate a bit.
  4. I have used whipped cream here. You can decorate this cake with chocolate ganache, buttercream icing or buttercream chocolate icing. 
  5. I didn't covered top of the cake with cream as i wanted tooty fruity visible. You can cover the cake with any of your favorite icing.
Hope you will like it