Thursday, 27 June 2013

Yogurt and Raisin Ice Cream/ Dahi aur Kishmish ki Ice Cream Summer Special/ Kids Special

Yogurt and Raisin Ice Cream/
Dahi aur Kishmish ki Ice Cream
Summer Special/
Kids Special

Hi Friends,
Hope you are enjoying kids holidays. I am at my mom's place for few days to enjoy freedom of homework,  morning breakfast, uniforms, tiffin etc etc. (don't want to remember that) before schools are open again. Its most difficult to keep kids occupied in holidays. I try to make different food for them but seriously sometimes go out of ideas. I start scratching my head but nothing comes out and that's the most difficult situation when kids shouts for something and you are out of ideas and when idea comes then out of ingredients. You just have to look what you have and churn your mind to get something out of it. I thing every mother face this situation. I hope someday i will get solution for this. Till then i move to today's recipe. 
Few days back i made this ice cream. It came out pretty good. As it was my experiment i made it in only small container which caused a major problem- i saw my kids fighting for the last spoon bite. I made it at night. Next morning i took it out checked and it was perfect. I started taking photographs after finishing photographs session i went to the kitchen ans came back with a spoon and saw my both kids who just woke up eating ice cream. I scold them a bit as they didn't brushed their teeth. But all in vein, after finishing both went to the basin to brush (to please me). I don't know what expression should i let come out. I hope all mother's have faced this kind of situation some day. So try it guys but keep it away from your kids until you really want them to eat it. 

Cream- 200 gm (1 cup)
Hung Curd- 3/4 cup
Powdered Sugar- half cup
Condense Milk - 2 tbsp
Rose Essence- few drops
Raisins- 1 tbsp

For Garnishing
Honey- 1 tbsp
Chopped Dry Fruits- 1 tbsp

Take your ingredients

 I kept curd in fine sieve over a bowl for 30 minutes 
all water drained out itself


In a bowl add powdered sugar and cream

Mix them well

Now add drained thick curd 

Mix well

 Add condense milk

Rose essence

Mix well for few minutes

Until it become creamy and thick
(about 10 minutes)

now add raisins and mix well

now take an airtight container

Fill it 

cover it tightly

keep in freezer for about 4 hours
(time may very according to your fridge)

Now time to assemble
i used honey and chopped almonds

 hmmmmmmmm yummy creamy

Take your spoonful 

in a plate

drizzle some honey

garnish with chopped almonds



Summer Drinks and Desserts Giveaway
  1. You can add any flavor in it like vanilla, rose etc. I was having rose so used it.
  2. You can add pulp of any fruit in it like mango, strawberry, banana etc. It will make it more healthy and yummy.
  3. You can use any of the dry fruit, dried fruits, candies, chopped fruits etc to add or decorate it. 
  4. Drizzling honey is optional. you can use golden syrup, any fruit puree as per your taste. But honey pairs well with it.
  5. If you feel that your ice cream become rock hard then take it out and pulse in grinder or beater or with fork and freeze it again. it will be creamy after 2-3 process.