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Brown Rice Pulao with Saute BabyCorn and Onion /Healthy One Pot Meal AND Our Manali Trip-1

Brown Rice Pulao with Saute BabyCorn and Onion 
 /Healthy One Pot Meal
Our Manali Trip-1/
Walking in Memory Lane with Brown Rice Pulao
Hi Friends,
After a long time yesterday i posted recipe for my First Blog Anniversary and forgot to tell you about our small but memorable trip to Manali i mentioned in my previous post. In this post i will post some of memorable pictures of trip. It was short but full of adventure trip. Weather was just so awesome there. We (specially kids) enjoyed a lot there. First time in life i did River Crossing in which you are hanged with a rope and belt in middle of the river and moved up and down to get wet in river water. being a coward i refused to husband to try it but my five years old son insisted on doing that. After so much convincing i agree with the term of sending my son with guard. Check picture below its fun to do that but its scary also. I will divide this trip in two posts as don't want to make one post too lengthy.  Here we go-

Our bus was stopped in Mandi (100km before Manali) 5' o clock in the morning to get fresh, this is our VOLVO we traveled. It was so comfortable, spacious and clean that you will feel like travelling in Mercedes . Yes this bus is made by Mercedes company.

Our Bus was running along with this river
quite scary for me. can you see the distance between river and our bus. I took this picture from my seat without zoom

after reaching hotel at 9am we ordered our breakfast which was included in our Hotel Package. Everything was so fresh and yummy.
My God, i am hungry again

 View from my room at hotel in Manali. You just have to cross the road and you will reach a beautiful point for adventure sports (see pics below)

After crossing road you will reach here and then you have to cross this wooden bridge to reach adventure sports like River Crossing.

or you can simply sit under these umbrellas, munch upon snacks and enjoy the nature. There is a big river behind this. 

This is the river you will reach. imagine you are sitting between two rivers and cool breeze is making you shiver a bit. You can see my daughter in floral frock hanging on the rope with river crossing guard in blue t-shirt.

my daughter enjoying River crossing with guard. She was totally wet.

This is how they chill there cold drinks.
Water flowing in the river is chilled. you can't put your feet in it more then 10 seconds.
You will get all kind of snacks beside this river like chowmein, bhutta (corn), bhel puri, tea, coffee, cold drink and surprisingly most popular and consumed snack there was MAGGIE  even i was surprised to see that. 


Today's post is very healthy and yummy pulao made with Baby corn, onion and tomato. Since long i wanted to make this pulao and finally yesterday night i got chance to make it as dinner. as i didn't wanted to make elaborated meal i made ONE POT MEAL. You can have it as it is or with any side dish. I had it with Cucumber Raita. You will love this pulao in summers, winter and specially in mansoon. This is so yummy and healthy that you will make it again and again.

Prepration Time- 5 minutes
Cooking Time- 25 minutes
Total Servings- 4 People

Brown Rice - 1.5 cup
Baby Corn- 6 (slit length wise)
Onion- 1 medium (slit length wise)
Tomato-1 medium chop roughly
Cumin Seeds- 1 tsp
Olive Oil- 4 tsp
Star Anise- 1
Jaifal - 2-3
Garm Masala- 1 tsp
Salt- as per your taste


Heat 5 cups water and 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tsp olive oil and start oiling

Add brown rice in it and cook

till then rice are cooking
puree tomatoes

heat one 1 tsp oil in kadai

add slit baby corn and saute them

don't overcook them


now add onions ans saute

when they are bit browned 
now add saute baby corn in it

mix well ans saute for 15 seconds and remove

Now add remaining 2 tsp olive oil in same kadai

crackle cumin seeds in it

add jaifal and star anise

now add pureed tomatoes

let it cooked

when they are cooked add all spices

when it cooked well 

add one cup water

till we will do this process rice will be cooked 90% 

now add these rice in cooked tomato puree

Cover and cook for one minute

Now pulao is almost done

Now spread saute corn and onion on top

Cover and cook for half minute

Pulao is ready to SERVE

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  1. If you want to enjoy real taste of pulao then please follow recipe as cooked brown rice have bit dry texture so to make it as one pot meal i added tomato puree and spices in it. You can enjoy it as it is or with any side dish.
  2. You can mix baby corn and onion in pulao but then it will loose its crunchiness. I preferred bit crunchiness so avoided to mix it in hot rice.
  3. You can choose spices as per your choice. You can also add some tomato sauce to enhance the flavor.
  4. You can also use your favorite veggies to top up. Just saute them a bit and spread on top when rice is almost done.





  1. Hi Pari.. Definitely waiting for ur next post to read ur trip... Btw.. Brown rice with corn n onion makes me feel hungry... Did u crossed the river by hanging in the rope ?

  2. Hi Akila, thanks for your nice words. yes dear it was my 5 year old son who encouraged all of us to enjoy this adventure. i also crossed river hanging in the rope and its not about crossing the river its about hanging middle of the river and they will shake you up and down to get wet with river water. that's more exciting and bit of dangerous.

  3. Looks like you had a great fun Love your writeup and delicious rice pulao.;

  4. Looks yummy !!
    Thanks Pari for visiting my space and joining it :)
    Thanks for linking this to my event !!

  5. Brown rice with corn looks delicious and healthy. Thx for linking.


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