Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dates and Banana Whole Wheat Cake/ Khajoor aur Kele ka bana Healthy Cake

Dates and Banana Whole Wheat Cake/
Khajoor aur Kele ka bana Healthy Cake
Hi Friends,
After a long break i came back to my blogging world. I was not on vacation but due to circumstances i was not able to post anything. But believe me i was craving to do that. I planned so many times to post a recipe and every time there was something which stopped me. So now when i got this chance i planned to start with a Tea cake recipe. It is a healthy cake with mild sweetness. You can increase or decrease the sweetness bye adding sugar in it as per your wish. I enjoyed it with coffee and it tastes YUM. So without any delay to the recipe. Hope you will try it and let me know the outcome.

Whole wheat flour- one cup
Dates- 2 tbsp
Ripe Banana- 2
Sugar- 1 tbsp optional 
Olive Oil- 2 tbsp (you can use normal refined oil)
Warm milk or water- as needed to make batter

Take all your ingredients

Deseed and Chop dates roughly

put it in a grinder

grind it 

now add sugar and chopped banana

 you can add bit of water or milk for easy grinding

take this puree in a bowl

add oil

mix it

Now add flour

start mixing

incorporate gently

Tip it in a baking pan
I used a tart pan which i was using first time

i baked it for 30 minutes

beautifully baked 

I loved using tart pan instead of normal cake pan
It was so easy to remove it

Let if Cool down

make pieces




  1. You can skip sugar and enjoy mildly sweet cake for more healthier version. 
  2. I have used here olive oil. You can use normal refined oil. 
  3. If you are using dry dates then you can soak them in hot water or milk for 15-30 min and then grind them.
  4. This cake will not rise much so don't worry you can fill cake pan 80%  level.
Hope you will like it