Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Chilly Flakes Parantha/ Chilly flakes Flat bread/ Spicy Parantha

Chilly Flakes Parantha for Spice Lovers/
Chilly flakes Flat bread/
Spicy Parantha 
Hi Friends,
I was surprised with the outcome of this parantha. I never took spicy food. but now slowly i am trying to have it in moderation. I tried this parantha to check whether i can take one pouch (available with pizza in domino/pizza hut) with of chilly flakes or not. I made this parantha and thought that i wont be able to have it. But when i took first bite i regretted to make one parnatha only. Very next day i made it again. 
You can use butter instead of ghee. but if you want to enjoy the real taste then use ghee. You wont stop at one. Be cautious while serving someone else as its very spicy. You can make it more or less spicy according to your preference. 


Soft Chapati Dough - see recipe here
Chilly flakes/paprika-1 tsp
Ghee/butter- 1 tsp+for frying paratha 
Salt-according to taste

All you need is
 Soft Chapati Dough

ghee/butter+salt and chilly flakes

take 1 tsp ghee and and salt and chilly flakes

mix them well

pinch out a ball of dough 

roll it

now put half tsp ghee+slat+chilly mix on it

 spread it evenly with the back of the spoon

Now start folding form one side 

and apply ghee on folded side

now fold it as shown below

fold from all sides and apply ghee

Finally folded from all sides

dust it with flour

from both sides

now ready to flatten it

roll it with rolling pin and shape it in square

Heat a iron tawa/griddle/nonstick tawa
and put pranatha on it

turn after few seconds

apply ghee

turn again and apply ghee on another side also

cook it from both sides

cooked from both sides

serve with anything you like

hmmm smell was heavenly 
  1. You can use ghee or butter anything to make this parantha, but for real exotic taste use ghee.
  2. Adjust the quantity of chilly flakes and salt according to your taste. 
  3. If using butter then adjust the salt accordingly.
Hope you will like it

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