Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kesaria Custard Pudding/ Saffron infused Fruit Custard/ Fruit and saffron Custard

Kesaria Custard Pudding/
Saffron infused Fruit Custard/
Fruit and saffron Custard
Hi Friends,
I know know Holi is gone but there is never too late to post a recipe related to some festival. I love this festival because of food and colors. I know i must have posted some traditional and authentic recipe for this occasion but this time its fusion of two recipes which came out so yumm. I wanted to add more fruits but due to Holi market was closed, and  it was very unsafe to go out and buy some fruits. So i used whichever fruit was available. Its a very nice combo of vanilla flavored custard and kesar/saffron. You can try other flavors of custard like strawberry etc. You can serve it hot or cold. I like it both ways. 
I hope you will try and enjoy like we did.

Milk- 2 glass
Sugar-2 tbsp
Custard powder- 1 tbsp
Saffron/kesar-10-12 thread
Almonds- 1 tbsp
Fruits- 2-3 tbsp peeled and chopped (any)

Take all your ingredients

take out half bowl milk and set aside

add custard in this milk

mix it well

Now add sugar in remaining milk and start boiling

when its bit warm 

take out half bowl aside

add kesar/saffron strands

mix well and keep aside for few minutes

now add this solution to boiling milk

mix well and let it boil once

When it start boiling add custard and milk mix in it

now keep on stirring until reached the desired consistency 

within a minute it will be thick

Now remove it

set aside to cool down

prepare your fruits and dry fruits

Put them in cooled kesaria custard

Mix well and keep in fridge for 1-2 hours

After 2 hours

See its ready to serve

Hmmm So Yummmmm


  1. You can skip dry fruits if you don't like them.
  2. You can make this dish thick or thin according to your preference. Cook more if you want it thick. For thinner version use less custard like one tbsp. 
  3. You can make this dish without kesar/saffron also. But it will give a unique taste and flavor to this dish.
  4. Add fruits only after its cool down otherwise they will become brown and lost its taste.
  5. Choose your favorite fruits and dry fruits like strawberry, kiwi, orange etc as per your own choice.
  6. Adjust sugar according to your taste.
Hope you will like it