Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shalgam aur Matar ka Bharta/ Turnip and Peas Bharta/ Side Dish with Turnip and Peas

Shalgam aur Matar ka Bharta/
Turnip and Peas Bharta/
Side Dish with Turnip and Peas
Hi Friends,
This vegetable comes in most neglected veggies, because of its taste. Kids generally don't like it. Even i am the one who prefer eating it raw as salad instead of cooked one. But years back one of my colleague at previous office came with its bharta and at first we were not able to recognize the veggie. When she told us that its turnip/shalgam, we were so much surprised. From that day onward  when ever this veggie comes in handy i make this bharta. Even kids would not be able to recognize the veggie. 
Its bit time consuming but once you know how to make it, then it will be like any other side for you. What i do is, i do half step, one day earlier so that half of the work is done and i can make them in no time. Like i boil it and prepare tadka at night and proceed in the morning. This way its very easy and fast to make it. You can also do it side by side, its not that much hard to do it. Just like we do for baigan bharta. Start boiling it and by the time it will be done your tadka will be prepared. So hardly 30 minutes will be enough to make this side for your loved ones. Try this guys it will be on menu list every time you see them.

Shalgam/Turnip - 1 kg
Peas- 1 cup
Onion- 1 medium
Tomato- 2 medium
Ginger - 1 tsp grated or pureed\
Garlic- 1 tsp grated or pureed
Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
Coriander seeds- 1 tsp
Turmeric- 1/4 tsp
Sambar Masala- 3 tsp
salt- as per your taste

Take all your veggies

peal and wash them 

chop them finely 
you can pure them too

Now take 1.5 glass water in a cooker and add salt

and turmeric powder 

cook them upto three whistles

Your ingredients are ready

mash cooked turnips with the back of spoon 
or you can puree them in mixer 

all mashed

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a vessel

throw in cumin seeds and let them crackle

crush coriander seeds

throw in too 

now add chopped/pureed ginger garlic

saute for few seconds

then onion

let them brown

add tomatoes 

mix well  and cook till oil separates

see oil separated

add salt+sambar powder

mix well and cook for more 10 seconds

throw in peas

mix well, cover and cook for few minutes

cooked in 2 minutes

add mashed/pureed turnips

mix well cover and cook for 2 minutes

then uncover and cook till all water evaporates


  1. You can make this side dish without onion ginger garlic also. Just skip them and proceed with tomatoes alone.
  2. You can make it without sambar masala also. Replace it with garam masala and coriander powder and make simple side dish.
  3. You can make it bit runny also, use leftover water after boiling to make it gravy like, but the real taste is in dry version like bharta. 
  4. You can skip peas but it will give you a unique taste. So its recommended. 
  5. Chopping onion, ginger and garlic finely will give a great taste, but you can puree them if you don't like chunks in between. 
Hope you will like it


  1. wow such an healthy combo and curry looks super inviting dear :) very well explained !!

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  3. How much is the shalgam?is it 500gm/ 1kg? Actually the quantity looks less than stated.