Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to make Peanut chikki at home/ Moongfali ki chikki ghar par kaise banaye/ Winter special

How to make Peanut chikki at home/
Moongfali ki chikki ghar par kaise banaye/
Winter special
Hi Friends,
Yes Yes i know after a long time or you can say after a year i am here. Last recipe i posted was last year on same date. I have no excuses. I had time but circumstances were not favourable and all my plans of baking and cooking went backdoor. No its not like that that i was not baking or cooking , i was doing both things but not in mood to click or post anything. 
But after a hard struggle i decided to start posting recipes again. As winters are round the corner i am here with peanut brittle/peanut chikki/moongfali ki chikki which we use to enjoy and lot then and now. Its very very easy you just need to keep in mind few thing and you are done with this Crunchy delight. 

Peanuts (roasted)- half cup
Jaggery (crushed) half cup
Ghee (clarified butter)- 1/2 tbsp
few tbsp water to test the jaggery consisitacy 

take your Ingredients 

prepare your base by greaing it with ghee

Grease your rolling pin too

Both things greased with ghee

Now add ghee in heavy bottom kadai/pan

when ghee is meltedd add jaggery 

soon it will start melting

keep stirring and cook for 2-3 minutes

Take few drops of melted jaggery in water after few seconds take it in hands and roll
if it hardens then it is ready to add peanuts

               mine was soft ball so i cooked it for more few minutes

after few minutes i agin tested it

this time it broke with tuck sound 

add peanuts and mix it quickly

now take it out to greased surface

Roll it with greased rolling pin


make cut marks in desired shape 

leave it for 5-10 minutes 

Break pieces and eat

  1. You need to be very attentively and quickly while making chikki
  2. Cook jaggery on low flame else it will burn very easily 
  3. Keep on continuously stirring as even few seconds can burn and turn it bitter.
  4. Prepare base and rolling pin initially as after mixing peanuts and jaggery we need to roll it immediately.
  5. As soon as you take it off jaggeru amd peamits ,ix off the fire roll it immidietely as it will harden in few seconds and it would be very difficult to roll it.
  6. Use heavy bottom kadai/pan.



  1. A perfect delight for winter! Indian food is my favorite and I always like to try new recipes. Thanks for this wonderful blog. Keep up the good work!