Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rose Milk Shake/ Roohafza Milk Shake

Rose Milk Shake/
Roohafza Milk Shake
Hi Friends,
One of our favorite summer delight is roohafza. I use to make shakes, sharbat, Popsicle, ice cream etc with this deep red beauty which will turn in pink when mixed with milk. I love its color and taste. Add it in water or milk it will give you a whole different flavor. Its one of my families favourite. Hope you will try and let me know the results.

Here are some more roohafza recipes-
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Roohafzaa/ rose syrup - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 tbsp or according to the taste
Milk- 2 glasses chilled
Ice- optional (i didn't used)

Take all your ingredients

Take a mixer and add milk and sugar
and ice if using

add roohafza and mix for few seconds

Ready to serve

Yummy and Frothy

  1. You can use rose essence or any rose sharbat to make it. I used roohafzaa which is our favorite.
  2. You can use half milk+half water for a lighter version.
  3. Adjust sugar according to the sweetness of rose syrup.

Pari Cash

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